Costa Rica Export Import


The country experiences a trade surplus over the years.

The country has experienced both the trade deficit as well as the balance of payment deficit over the years. The major exportable commodities of the country are coffee, sugar bananas, textiles, electronic components and electricity.

The exports partners of the country are US, Countries in the Central America.

The major importable items of the country are raw material, capital equipment, consumer goods, petroleum and electricity. The imports partners of the country are USA, Japan, Mexico and Venezuela.

The balance of payment of the country as of the year 2004 is calculated at US $ -366 Millions.

The following diagram gives a clear picture upon the levels of exports and imports in the country

International Trade In Costa Rica


The World Bank approved the new country partnership strategy in the year 2004. Through the World Bank's Assistance, the country has already achieved various goals set through the millennium development goals.