Tourism Industry Trends


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Tourism trends and economy worldwide:

Tourism industry is a fast developing sector for the economy worldwide. Statistical data suggests that the tourism industry in the global scenario makes up 11% of GDP. Tourism industry trends also suggest that as many as 200 million people are engaged worldwide in the tourism industry. Statistical data opine that as many as 700 million travelers travel to international places annually. Several other industries which are in some way related to the tourism industry is doing pretty well. With every passing day, with the advent of latest technologies and reaching out to people becoming is a child's play. Importance of bettering relationships with the neighboring countries, establishing newer networks across the globe has taken the tourism industry to it's zenith.


Facts about tourism industry trends:

  • 2007 witnessed Global tourism rolling with a pace which was not expected. Period between January 2007 and April 2007, witnessed a hike in 6% of the influx of tourists all over the world which took the number to 252 million.
  • There was an influx of 15 million more people as compared to what it was a year back under similar circumstances. This was found out by UNWTO.
  • There was a growth of 9% in Asia and Pacific. Africa witnesses a growth of 8%.
  • 8% increase was noticed in Middle east.
  • 6% increase in Europe.
  • America registered a growth of 4%. This slow change was registered in the initial months. However, tourism industry trends in both the Americas predicted a double growth forecast in 2007.
  • With many cheaper airlines flying between places, it is becoming affordable for all and sundry. Adding to this is the trend which shows an increase in income which is spendable.

With the upward tourism industry trend, it is assumed that the tourism industry is here to stay.