Packaging Industry Report


Packaging industry report consists of a collection of statistical data regarding growth and development of packaging industry, market briefs, summaries and research works. The packaging industry report primarily focuses on global packaging industry, acquisitions of packaging companies . It also other activities regarding policies and market strategies of packaging industry.

Packaging industry report also reveals information regarding trends of the industry, environmental issues, research reviews and worldwide growth of the packaging industry.

Global packaging industry report:

According to a market analysis report by SPG Media Group, the global packaging industry trend is as follows:

Global packaging industry is worth US$ 424 billion and out of this Europe has US$127 billion, Asia has US$114 billion, North America has US$ 118 billion, Latin America has US$ 30 billion, and other countries have $US 30 billion. In terms of global market percentage, Europe is 30%, North America is 28%, Latin America is 7%, Asia is 27% and other is 8% of global packaging industry.

According to the materials used in packaging industry throughout the globe, paper shares the most, 36%, metal is 17%, plastic takes 34%, glass takes 10% and other occupies 3%.

According to the type of packaged products, Beverages take 18%, food take 38%, pharmaceutical products take 5%, cosmetic products take 3% and other products take 36% of overall packaging industry. Global market value on food packaging is 161 US$ billion, beverage packaging is 76 US$ billion, Pharmaceutical packaging is 21 US$ billion, cosmetic packaging is 13.3 US$ billion and other is 153 US$ billion.

Global market trends

Report also reveals the trend of global packaging industry, which is as below:

2004: Total market value was 405 $US billion (approx.),
2005: The total market value was 425 $US billion (approx.)
2006: Total market value was 440 $US billion (approx.)
2007: Total market value expected to reach 465 $US billion (approx.) and in the year 2008, it may reach 480 $US billion(approx.) and by the end of the year 2014 it may touch 585 $US billion (approx.).Presently the average annual growth rate is nearly 3.5%, which is expected to touch US$597Bn by 2014.