David Smith

David Smith

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An English journalist who, when he's not exploring the social consequences of political actions, likes to write about cricket for some light relief.

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Land Grabbing: 21st Century Colonialism?

The pace of land grabbing in the developing world is accelerating fast. Foreign governments, financial institutions and corporate giants have combined to create a neo-colonial expansion, which has disastrous consequences for the local populations, as well as the environment.

High Hopes: Does Legalised Marijuana Have A Future?

The American states of Colorado and Washington have gone beyond the decriminalising policies in place in European countries like the Netherlands and Portugal by becoming the first modern jurisdictions to legalise marijuana – with far-reaching legal, social and economic repercussions.

Obama Battles to Become First $1 billion President

President Obama’s fundraising campaign is set to raise US$1 billion and that does not even include the massive ads funded by the Super PACS. Meanwhile, in Washington, the billions spend on lobbying rises ever year. The result is a conservative political system stifled by the influence of big business elites.

The Economic Consequences Of An Israel-Iran War

An Israeli invasion of Iran could provoke a spiralling in oil prices with catastrophic consequences for the world economy, as well as unpredictable political repercussions throughout the Middle East. Yet, Israel continues its dangerous game of brinkmanship.

An Israel-Iran war has the potential to be even more disastrous for the global economy than any previous conflict in the Middle East, says Professor James Hamilton, an expert in energy economics at the University of California, San Diego.

Why ‘Rogue’ UK Bankers Can’t Escape US Regulators

In the wake of the recent spate in scandals involving British banks, the U.K.’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is now predictably making all the right noises about prosecuting miscreant bankers. Yet legal experts on both sides of the Atlantic argue that the SFO is too weak to live up to its promises; and say that the more aggressive U.S. system could be a far likelier source of prosecutions.

London 2012: Has Money Killed The Olympic Spirit?

The Olympics is no longer all about sport, but rather a corporate jamboree for the elite super-rich. The same pattern repeats itself every time as host nations are forced to follow the International Olympic Committee’s rulebook.

Ever since French baron Pierre de Coubertin began the modern Olympics in the late 19th century, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been run by the world’s economic and social elite.

When Will The $1 Trillion Student Debt Bubble Burst?

Steep rises in the cost of higher education, especially in the US and the UK, have been accompanied by the declining value of degrees, leading some commentators to predict that the student bubble is about to deflate. 

Quebec’s series of spectacular student strikes against rises in tuition fees is the longest and largest civil action in North American history.