Tremor International In $239 Million Acquisition Talks For Amobee

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Tremor International Ltd has announced plans to acquire Amobee in a deal worth $239 million, although the amount is subject to adjustments. Tremor offers an end-to-end technology platform that allows media partners to maximize their yield while enabling advertisers to optimize their campaigns through video, data, and connected TV.

The company said the acquisition deal will be funded through a combination of a new $100 million debt facility and cash resources. The firm expects to gain the debt facility before the deal is finalized. Last month, Tremor said it has a net cash balance of nearly $360 million.

The Deal Is Expected To Be Complete By Q3 2022

Tremor plans to get a $50 million revolving credit facility that will be used for future strategic investments and initiatives. This is in addition to the surplus cash resources.

According to the announcement, the acquisition deal is expected to be finalized in the third quarter of 2022, although it will depend on customary closing conditions. These include the expiration of the expected waiting period and regulatory approval.

As a leading global advertising firm, Amobee’s job is to optimize outcomes for media companies and advertisers. It uses detailed analysis and reporting to improve customer experience and drive customer growth.

Tremor To Expand Its Global Capabilities

Amobee says it has more than 500 global customers. The company operates under three main business segments; Email Marketing Platform, Amobee Advanced TV Platform, and Omnichannel Demand Side Platform.

Tremor plans to expand its operation after the acquisition by investing in two segments. The company stated that the acquisition deal does not include the Email Marketing Platform and other historical and current liabilities.

Tremor’s Chief Executive Officer, Ofer Druker, stated that the acquisition of Amobee will help the company to expand its operations. The deal is expected to build upon the company’s growth strategy and experience in integrating firms that enhance its capabilities.

After the acquisition, Amobee will be adding several capabilities which include campaign execution across digital and linear channels within a single platform.

Also, the acquisition will enable Tremor to enhance its self-service growth and add significant global growth, especially for its demand-side platform. Druker says the development is another significant milestone as the firm continues to expand its operational capabilities.


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