Trading Software, Online Trading Software


Trading software, along with a source of data, is an essential ingredient of automated trading. It facilitates technical analysis as users can download the necessary data, use plotting charts and other indicators.

There are mainly two types of trading software:

  • Client-Side Trading Software: This is installed on the user’s computer and is connected to the Internet. This trading software is capable of obtaining real-time data including prices and current news. A company may charge for the software as wellas the data that is provided. These applications provide a user with the flexibility to program the system. Client-side softwareis usually more secure than server-side software.
  • Server-Side Trading Software: This software is installed on a remote server. Such applications return signals by means of a webpage. There is no need of client-side software except a web browser. The user pays a small subscription fee to use thisapplication. This trading software offers numerous advantages for the users as compared to client-side trading software, sincethey do not need to buy the application.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Trading Software

With the help of a computer, a trader can expand his reach and speed up research. Although it does not guarantee profit, trading software saves considerable time for those who are engaged in the process of trading. This time can be utilized to takewell-informed decisions.

Upgraded trading software can be used for conducting simulations and generating real-time signals.

Also, specialized software can be designed as a platform for the system developer to build a trading system. Some types ofsoftware have extra intelligence to learn from markets by using neural networks.

However, trading software can be quite costly, is often exposed to security threats, and may require regular updates to beinstalled.

Online Trading Software

Trading of securities, currencies and derivatives is also done electronically. The online trading software brings both buyers and sellers to a virtual market through the use of electronic media. NASDAQ is an example of such an electronic market.

Trading software that allows traders to add their own indicators to the trading system is more effective. In addition, thereare advanced trading software programs that are more customized in nature and can list securities according to the parameters you fix.