State Profile of Mizoram


POPULATION (2001 census) 888573
MALES 459109
FEMALES 429464
SEX RATIO (females/1000 males) 938
DENSITY OF POPULATION (Persons/ Square Km) 42
LITERACY RATE (census 2001) in % 88.8
MALE LITERATE in numbers 350105
FEMALE LITERATE in numbers 311340
BIRTH RATE (PER 1000) (2003) 21.93
DEATH RATE (PER 1000) (2003) 5.07
IMR (PER 1000 LIVE BIRTH) (2003) 14.03
NSDP at current prices 192611 Rs Crores *(2003-2004)
PER CAPITA NSDP (2002-03) at current prices Rs 18467 Rs *(2001-2002)


*(2003-04): Advanced Estimates
*(2001-02): Quick Estimate
NSDP: Net State Domestic product

Source: Directorate of Economics & Statistics of respective State Governments (As on March 26, 2004), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India

There are not many major industries in the state due to lack of mineral resources, lack of transport and communication and infrastrucuture.mostly in the state are cottage industries of handloom, handicraft and bamboo products mizoram has plenty of raw materials for industry mostly from forest, agriculture and horticulture.

A craft centre at Aizwal produces floor rugs, bags, aprons, cane works etc. Some ginger and fruit processing plants have come up in the state, Zoram industrial development corporation (ZIDCO) was set up for this purpose. Another government unit, Zoram Electronics Development Corporation, has been set up to promote electronics industry. apart from ginger, maize and fruit juice plants, there is a potential for setting up different industrial projects based on locally produced fruits, tea, coffee, chillies, oilseeds, sugarcane, meat, milk etc

There are 4600 registered SSI Units in Mizoram upto March 2001