Saudi Arabia Plays a Balancing Act

It's possible that OPEC is crying wolf with hints of an output freeze next month in Algiers; but it's also possible that they are ramping up production to take the sting out of a freeze. This is a delicate balancing act that the Saudis need to play very carefully.

The official chatter is that the OPEC meeting in Algeria from September 26 to 28 could conclude with an agreement to freeze production by the member nations, with even Russia joining forces in a freeze that may prevent further oil price erosion.

Is Your Workday Getting Longer?

Freedom is slavery. George Orwell, 1984.

Imagine if you could work whenever and wherever you wanted to. Would you work less and enjoy more time with family and friends? Or would you end up perpetually working, have work spill over into the rest of your life?

The Other Death Valley is not Just for Startups

Corporate leaders are facing the same valley of death faced by many startups, judging by the latest round of financial results. These large Australian businesses are operating in markets disrupted by new technology and changing business models.

Stand and Deliver(oo)

Deliveroo couriers scored a win this week after strike action helped them get their old pay rate back. Reuters staff

The standoff between couriers of food delivery service Deliveroo and the company’s owners is a standout case of workers using different methods to fight back in an emerging economy with loose employment relations.

The Global Economy has a Darker Side

A Paris prosecutor recently called for the former CEO and six senior managers of telecoms provider, France Télécom, to face criminal charges for workplace harassment. The recommendation followed a lengthy inquiry into the suicides of a number of employees at the company between 2005 and 2009.

The Other China

China’s steelmaking capacity has expanded rapidly since the beginning of the 21st century. The scale of this expansion is unprecedented in the history of industrialisation in Europe, North America and East Asia.

China’s annual production of crude steel reached 804 million tonnes in 2015, 6.3 times higher than the total production in 2000. It accounts for nearly 50 percent of total global steel output, a jump from only 15 percent at the end of the previous century.

It's Unlikely Good Governance was Ever Bad for Business

Sound corporate governance not only boosts banks’ efficiency, it is also good for the profit of Australian banks and their shareholders.

However, new research shows that factors such as the number of board meetings, the involvement of large shareholders in boardroom decisions and whether or not the board has independent members don’t play a significant role in achieving those goals.