US Construction Industry (USA Construction Sector)


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Construction industry plays a major role in industrial and infrastructural development of any nation by generating employment.

Construction of houses, schools, office buildings, roads, bridges, airports, railways, irrigation system, power system, hospitals, townships, water supply system, drainage and sewerage system all come under the purview of construction industry.

In United States, current share of construction industry in total GDP is 8.3 perecnt.

Goals of Construction Industry in US:
Principal aim of the US construction industry is to develop competitiveness in the global construction sector. The US federal and state governments provide all types of financial support and encouragement to help the construction industry to flourish.

  The constructional activities in US are carried out with extreme precaution. Use of latest technology improves quality of construction works. The US construction companies make use of sophisticated tools to do the necessary measurements and other calculations for constructions in the best possible way.

Construction industry in US is aimed to bring about some positive changes in the infrastructural facilities offered for private and public sectors. Construction activities in United Sates are carried out in conjunction with other major sectors of the country like insurance, manufacturing, financial, and many other regulatory bodies of the society.

The US construction sector put stress on technological innovation to carry out the construction works in a more efficient and cost effective way. Integrated building mechanical systems are extensively used in the US construction industry to provide safeguard against fire, and other disasters. The integrated system used in construction work is also helpful for management of energy, fault detection, and for ensuring security of the construction works.

Some of the leading construction companies in United States are as follows:

  • Construction Arizona
  • ACM Construction
  • Dallas Contracting Co., Inc.
  • Eagle Construction
  • Hatch Construction Services
  • Coastal Steel Structures
  • Hatch Construction Services
  • MLK Construction, Home Builders
  • Modular Building System
  • Paramount Roll Metal Bending
  • Olympia Steel Buildings
  • PB Design and Services Inc
  • North Woods Joinery Timber Frame Homes
  • Republic West Home Remodeling
  • Savage Custom Services
  • Opus Corporation Design Build Architecture
  • Remedial Construction Services
  • Viper Construction Management Group