Burbank Dental Lab Retooled to Address Mass Shortages of N95 Protective Equipment

March 27, 2020
by Newswire
BURBANK, Calif. - March 27, 2020 - (Newswire.com)

In a world of uncertainty, confusion, and business closures, Burbank Dental Lab is using its resources to rise to the occasion to help those on the front lines fighting COVID-19. Burbank Dental Lab, known as the #1 searched "dental lab" in the USA, according to Google search, has retooled some of its operations using its state-of-the-art 3D printing technology to produce a protective mask that will ease the mass shortages of N95 protective equipment.

Andrew Sedler, COO of Burbank Dental Lab, a leader in cosmetic dentistry serving dental professionals, says that while lab business has slowed due to coronavirus restrictions, he intends to help keep employees working by pivoting part of the operations to produce protective masks for healthcare workers. Sedler states, "Stanford Hospital is using 2,000 masks a day!" While the need is growing by the second, shortages are widespread, keeping Andrew Sedler and his team committed to working almost around the clock to get their new masks to healthcare professionals on the front lines -- and ultimately to save lives.

As an added measure, Burbank Dental Lab has made its 3D printable file (.STL) available to anyone who would like to print the masks on their 3D printer. To download the free 3D printable file, go to https://burbankdental.com/masks.

If you would like to donate to this effort and help purchase materials and equipment, go to burbankdental.com/save-lives

MEDIA CONTACTAndrew Sedler, COO​Phone: 800-336-3053Email: [email protected]

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