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The following table shows the important minerals reserves and major producing countries in the world.

Mineral Uses World Reserves Major Producing Resources (Metric Tons) Countries
Bauxite Ore Of Aluminum 21,559,000 2 Australia, Jamaica, Brazil
Chromium Alloys, Electroplating 418,900 India, South Africa, Turkey
Copper Alloys, Electric Wires 3,21,000 Chile, USA, Canada
Gold Jewellery 42 South Africa, USA, Australia
Iron Ore Iron and Steel 64,648,000 Brazil, Australia, China, Canada and Venezuela
Lead Solder, Pipes 70,440 USA, Mexico, Canada
Manganese Iron and Steel 812,800 South Africa, Gabon, Australia and France
Nickel Stain Less Steel 48,660 Canada, Norway and Dominican Republic.
Silver Jewellery 780 Mexico, USA, Peru, Canada
Tin Tin Cans, Alloys 5,930 China, Brazil, Indonesia
Zinc Iron and Steel 143,910 Canada, Australia, China, Peru, Mexico and Spain

One Metric is equal to approximately 1.102 British Tons.