Consumer Market And Consumer Market Types


Consumer Markets of today are experiencing rapid changes and is flooded with new opportunities and new challenges. The significant changes in the consumers' buying behavior, urbanized lifestyle and growth of service sector are the main reasons behind the changed scenario in the consumer market.

The Consumer Market can be classified into following type of markets:

•  Consumer Products Market

This market comprises of the markets for different consumer products. This includes market for consumer durables, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), consumer electronic goods, domestic electrical appliances, cosmetics, jewelry, furniture, air conditioners, bicycles and apparels.

In Consumer Products Market aggressive marketing is required because the customers of consumer product market lack in loyalty and tend to shift from one brand to another very quickly. The consumer products market is characterized by high level of competition among the sellers. The companies are continuously engaged in modification of business models and business activities to match up with the changing consumer needs. Moreover, the norms of WTO ( World Trade Organization) is resulting in various mergers, alliances and tie-ups among the companies. The companies are being compelled to go for these alliances to remain competitive and to exist in the market because, losing the competitive edge will ensure complete market exit.

•  Food and Beverages Market

This market consists of the sub-markets like markets for dairy products, bakery products, packaged food products, Beverages, Confectionary, Beer, Alcohol, meat and poultry products.

This type of Consumer Market is full of growth opportunities because of changing lifestyle of present era. Consumer Awareness and Brand Loyalty of customers help this market to grow to a different high.

•  Retail Market

The Retail Market comprises of the Supermarkets, Departmental Stores, Food Chain Outlets, Specialty Stores and Franchise Sores.

This type of Consumer Market is discovering new business opportunities with each passing day because of the rapidly changing lifestyle and spending pattern of the people. Even in the suburban areas and in small towns, Departmental Stores are coming up from the big retail chain houses as westernized lifestyle and western culture is making their presence felt all over the world. This type of market generates low profit margins but has high growth potential. To utilize this growth potential, companies need to modify their business activities in accordance with the changing lifestyle and changing consumption trends of the customers. If the customers receive enough value for money, only then they will be loyal to the brands and will make repeated purchase.

•  Transportation Service Market

This type of Consumer Market consists of Postal Services, Courier Services and Logistic Services.

Transportation Service Market is generally dominated by a large no. of medium and small enterprises and a few no. of large enterprises. Companies in this type of market essentially require brand name and strong distribution network and significant amount of capital investment. With emergence of technology based advanced facilities like e-commerce and with the increasing use of internet, new horizons are opening for this type of market. The companies can utilize the advantages of reduced costing, improved customer relationship and accelerated movement of materials and can go for strategic tie ups with international business houses. This way, they can make proper use of the new business opportunities which has been generated by the rising level of Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth around the world.