Compare Mortgage Interest Rates



When buying a home, it is useful to check and compare mortgage interest rates to get the best possible rate. The process of comparing mortgage interest rates is quick and easy to do, with the help of an online financial calculator.


Besides interest rates, think about other options such as:

  • If you have an option whereby monthly payment is low but has a higher principal.

  • Suppose you may want to make a hefty down payment and payback the rest in less than 30 years.

  • In case you want to pay back the loan before the agreed period and not incur any penalties.


So many factors need to be considered before you go ahead to compare mortgage interest rates.

Compare Mortgage Interest Rates with a Financial Calculator

To compare mortgage interest rates, visit the website of a mortgage broker, bank or credit union. Focus on understanding what their interest-only mortgage rates are like. Locate the financial calculator and start your actual ‘homework.’ Most of the banks and mortgage brokers offer financial calculators on their websites to make it easier for you to start calculating.


Final Payment: Once you locate the mortgage rate calculator, enter some important facts as data such as:

  • mortgage amounts

  • mortgage terms

  • interest rates

  • mortgage start date


Press the calculate button to get your final payment on the top of the chart. Repeat the same process and clinch offers from other lenders. Next, compare final payments from various lenders.


Mortgage Interest Rates: Download an amortization chart for Microsoft Excel and execute. Then, insert the following data points:

  • principal loan amount

  • interest rate

  • loan period

  • loan start date


Repeat the same process for all the interest rate offers that you have. Next, compare mortgage interest rates with the results you have got.


Monthly Payments: Locate the amortization calculator on the website and enter the following data points:

  • loan amount

  • mortgage terms in years or months

  • loan start date

  • interest rate


Now you will get the monthly payment. Repeat the process for all offers and compare.


Take advantage of online financial calculators to compare mortgage interest rates and other aspects such as monthly payment and the final payment. Then, choose the one that suits you the best.