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If you are getting ready to move to Japan and while excited, you know you need to find a reputable company for Japan insurance, this information will be helpful.  Moving to a foreign country is an amazing adventure, especially to a beautiful place such as Japan.  However, chances are no matter the country you are moving from, the rules for insurance in Japan will be different.  Therefore, one of the most important things you need to do is learn all you can about Japan insurance so you follow the laws but also have the right coverage and for a reasonable price.

Just as with most countries, insurance in Japan is available for your vehicle, home, health, etc.  Unfortunately, some people will move to this country without a full understanding of the type of coverage needed and mandated.  To avoid problems, you want to work with a well-known insurance company, one that is going to do the research required to find the right policy for your specific needs.  After all, you would not want Japan insurance that is a cookie-cutter solution.

Then, no matter the type of insurance in Japan you need, always review the details of the policy before signing anything.  If you find inaccuracies, these would need to be corrected first.  Additionally, if the Japan insurance policy does not make sense or you have questions whatsoever, ask.  Of course, if the insurer hesitates to walk you through the policy, then you should be wary.  The reason is the reputable companies selling insurance in Japan are there to help you get excellent and affordable coverage.

We will first look at insurance in Japan to protect your home.  With this, you would choose from two options – home and contents.  In this case, you could purchase two policies for Japan insurance or one for each.  Again, an honest insurer would review both possibilities to find the one that would keep the premium down.  Interestingly, most people think the cost of the building coverage is the most expensive but often, the policy for home contents costs the most.

Another type of Japan insurance is for your automobile.  This type of coverage would also be available in different policy types depending on what you need.  For instance, you might choose to go with just liability, which would cover property damage, bodily injury, and medical payments.  Typically, Japan insurance of this type is usually the most affordable but it does not provide as much coverage as the other option, which is called collision and comprehensive.  With this second type of insurance in Japan, both your car and the other car involved in an accident would have protection.

You might even think about purchasing a Japan insurance policy for life, which means if you were to die, the beneficiaries chosen by you would be protected financially.  Obviously, we all want to protect the family and with a good policy, they would be cared for after your passing.  Now, some people are approved for this type of coverage and some are not.  If you have a pre-existing health issue, many companies that sell insurance in Japan for life coverage will not approve the policy.  Again, you can work with a qualified company to determine where you stand.

Finally, you definitely want to make sure you purchase a Japan insurance policy for health.  As in the United States, many companies in Japan provide employees with coverage but if this were not the case, you would need to purchase an individual policy.  Keep in mind that for insurance in Japan specific to healthcare, any medical condition that existed prior would not be covered.  For this reason, when moving to Japan, one of the first things you need to do is look at policy options for Japan insurance before it is too late.