Inflation And Stock Market


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Inflation is a state in the economy of a country, when there is a price rise of goods as well as services. To meet the required price rise, individuals have to shell out more than is presumed. With increase in inflation, every sector of the economy is affected. Ranging from unemployment, interest rates, exchange rates, investment, stock markets, there is an aftermath of inflation in every sector. Inflation is bound to impact all sectors, either directly or indirectly. Inflation and stock market have a very close association. If there is inflation, stock markets are the worst affected.
Inflation and stock market- the logistics:

Prices of stocks are determined by the net earnings of a company. It depends on how much profit, the company is likely to make in the long run or the near future. If it is reckoned that a company is likely to do well in the years to come, the stock prices of the company will escalate. On the other hand, if it is observed from trends that the company may not do well in the long run, the stock prices will not be high. In other words, the price of stocks are directly proportional to the performance of the company.In the event when inflation increases, the company earnings (worth) will also subside. This will adversely affect the stock prices and eventually the returns.

Effect of inflation on stock market is also evident from the fact that it increases the rates if interest. If the inflation rate is high, the interest rate is also high. In the wake of both (inflation and interest rates) being high, the creditor will have a tendency to compensate for the rise in interest rates. Therefore, the debtor has to avail of a loan at a higher rate. This plays a significant role in prohibiting funds from being invested in stock markets.

When the government has enough fund to circulate in the market, the cost of goods, services usually go up. This leads to the decrease in the purchasing power of individuals. The value of money also decreases. In a nut shell, for the economy to flourish, inflation and stock market ought to be more conforming and predictable.