Nouriel Roubini

Nouriel Roubini

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Nouriel Roubini, a.k.a. “Doctor Doom”, is chairman of Roubini Global Economics and professor of economics at New York University’s Stern School of Business. Roubini has been consistently cited as one of the world’s top global thinkers. This year, he was voted as the most influential economist in the world by Forbes magazine.

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Alibaba set to price IPO shares amid surging investor demand

 Alibaba Group Holding the chinese e-commerce giant will sell $22 billion of shares on Thursday, finalizing a two week road show that pulled interest from world-wide investors and will likely be the world's largest initial public offering.

Alibaba shares will be priced after the markets close at 4pm. Thursday and will trade on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday with the ticker "BABA."

Fool for Gold: Why the Precious Metal Remains a Barbarous Relic: Nouriel Roubini

Gold prices tend to spike when there are serious economic, financial and geopolitical risks. But now that the global economy is recovering, prices are expected to trend lower over time as the financial crisis mends itself. As John Maynard Keynes rightly pointed out in 1924, gold remains a “barbarous relic” with no intrinsic value, and is used mainly as a hedge against mostly irrational fear and panic.

A Huge Fed-Induced Credit Bubble By 2017?: Nouriel Roubini

Since injecting more than $2 trillion into the financial system through three rounds of quantitative easing, the U.S. Federal Reserve is gradually realising that their experiment to kick-start the economy with near-zero interest rates has failed. Contemplating an exit strategy however may prove to be far more difficult; as loose monetary policy over the last five years has boosted leverage and risk-taking in financial markets; increasing the risk of a credit and asset bubble as large, if not larger, than the previous one.

Assessing The Global Economy’s Myriad Of Challenges: Nouriel Roubini

Following the 2008 financial crisis, it is almost inconceivable to think that America today represents the greatest hope for the global economy. Yet, with Europe struggling to restore growth, China facing a hard landing if critical structural reforms are postponed, and emerging markets turning more and more towards state capitalism, the U.S. is in the best relative shape among the world’s largest economies – even if this fact in itself presents risks.

The 5 Biggest Risks To The Global Economy In 2013: Nouriel Roubini

While chances of a perfect economic storm in 2013 are low, the global economy still faces major risks this year – especially as fiscal austerity continues to spread to more advanced economies, leading to an increased risk of a hard landing in China and the threat of war in the Middle East. Any one of these risks alone will also be enough to stall the global economy and tip it into recession.

Delaying A Eurozone Breakup Will Only Make Matters Worse: Nouriel Roubini

Germany and the ECB are now relying on the hope that large-scale liquidity will buy time to allow the adjustments needed to restore growth and debt sustainability in the eurozone periphery. But, if a eurozone breakup can only be postponed, delaying the inevitable would merely make the endgame worse – much worse.

NEW YORK – Whether the eurozone is viable or not remains an open question. But what if a breakup can only be postponed, not avoided? If so, delaying the inevitable would merely make the endgame worse – much worse.