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David Smith

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An English journalist who, when he's not exploring the social consequences of political actions, likes to write about cricket for some light relief.

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British Brexit was a Victory for Far Right Politics

The Leave Campaign’s relentless focus on immigration has seen a rise in hate crime and been acclaimed by Far Right groups across the EU.

Members of the victorious Leave Campaign in June 23’s referendum on EU membership (Brexit) claimed to have noble ambitions for the UK. They wanted to “take back sovereignty” and “democratic control”.

Hillary Plays Dangerous Game with Bill’s Legacy

In trying to associate herself with her husband Bill Clinton’s economic legacy, Hillary Clinton is in danger of making herself look vulnerable and weak.  With opinion polls showing a clear lead for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, especially among female and ethnic minority voters, it is highly likely the US will have its first female President In November.

‘Dog Whistle’ Smear Attacks Dominating Elections in US and UK

In both the US and the UK, politicians are using racial smears and anti-Muslim rhetoric to try to gain white votes. However, the strategy carries risks in increasingly multi-cultural societies.

Within days of his election last week as London mayor, Sadiq Khan entered into a war of words with Donald Trump over the Republican candidate elect’s decision to ban Muslims from entering the US. Trump had offered to “make an exception for Khan”, who is a devout Muslim, but his offer was rejected.

Government Handouts to Harvard Alumni Deprive Poorer Students

Tax breaks for elite colleges cost the taxpayer billions, which would be better spent on making public colleges free.

The bestselling Canadian author Malcolm Gladwell made headlines recently with a series of Tweets about national Government subsidies of private universities in the US, including Harvard, Princeton and Yale. His objective was to expose the imbalance between private and state college subsidies.

British Government Hell-bent on Privatising the NHS

Despite the exorbitant costs and cruelties of the US-style private healthcare model, the UK is moving towards a similar model. The US companies are poised to take control of the system.

Supporters of a single-payer healthcare system in the US frequently hold up the British National Health Service (NHS) as a model. However, the bitter irony is that the British are copying the most iniquitous elements of the US system, rather than the US emulating what is good about the NHS.

How Secret TTIP Deal Will Help Corporates Resist Paris ‘Green’ Pledges

Transnational corporations are secretly and undemocratically, formulating the rules of the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). The world’s largest ever, free trade deal will be the most powerful tool in corporate resistance to the COP21 agreement.

There was great optimism following the pledges made by nearly 200 nations at the COP21 conference on in Paris in December. In setting a goal of net zero emissions by the middle of the century, the Paris agreement went much further than the 1997 Kyoto protocol, which spectacularly failed.