Infographic: Immigrant Entrepreneurs Boosting US Growth


They may be small in number, but immigrants are leading the way in business startups and attaining degrees in highly lucrative fields, such as science and mathematics, driving the entrepreneurial and economic change America.

Recent immigrants and their children are a growing component of the United States population, making up almost 13 percent of the country. As their numbers grow in size, immigrants themselves take various paths toward socioeconomic advancement, including opening new businesses or working in particularly lucrative niche industries.

Over the last 15 years, immigrants have started 25 percent of venture-backed U.S. public companies and estimates put the current capitalisation of such companies in the United States at over $500 billion.

But more help should be given to foreign-born entrepreneurs who often face strict visa conditions to get their companies up and running, said Edward Roberts, Professor of Management of Technology at MIT. “Providing an easy path for their permanent stay in the United States provides the most significant boost to our jobs and economic growth of any economic policy,” he said. 

Infographic: Immigrant Entrepreneurs
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