Infographic: How Much Does a Fortune 50 CEO Earn Compared To An Average Worker?


Let’s talk about money: What do CEOs ear compared to their employees? In a survey conducted by, it was found that the highest CEO-to-worker pay ratio stands at a phenomenal 1737:1 from the UnitedHealth Group.

Ranked No. 1 on the Fortune 50, Wal-Mart CEO Michael T. Duke takes in an annual cash compensation of $16.27 million, while a typical employee (out of Wal-Mart’s 2,100,000 employees) earn a mere $22,700.

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Interestingly, Warren “I Want to Pay More Taxes” Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway (ranked no. 7), receives an annual cash compensation of just $450,000 – the golden ratio? 10:1 

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