Infographic: How Do Forensic Accountants Expose Financial Fraud?


Forensic Accounting is concentration that enters the spotlight on a regular basis, especially during economic downturns. Why? Because risky financial practices are revealed and forensic accountants end up being the key deliverers of justice.

While forensic accounting is not a new career, the practice has move from the background into the mainstream in recent years. In the 1970s, the FBI enlisted the help of accounting technicians dedicated to money-related cases; today, forensic accountants work on a whole range of cases, including a $200 million Medicare fraud case and exposing the largest hedge fund insider trading scheme in history.

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This infographic takes a look at some of the biggest economic crimes our country has faced to this day, along with the rise of the forensic accountant. Ever been interested in how a forensic accountant uncovers bank and financial fraud? Check out the infographic to learn more.

via New England College Master of Science in Accounting Online