Infographic: How Do Skilled Leaders Create High-Performance Workplaces?


Every leader has to undergo a period of trial and error before he or she learns what will truly motivate employees and improve business. But familiarising yourself with proven strategies of leadership can help you skip the errors and head straight for success. This graphic highlights a few behaviours and other skills needed to excel as an effective leader in the business realm.

Not everyone is born a leader, and not all leaders are effective when placed in a workplace environment. As you probably know, these specific traits are not something acquired naturally. But the good news is they can be learned, and if used correctly, an effective leadership skill-set can truly transform the way a business performs.

This illustration identifies set of behaviours that could ultimately aid in becoming a strategic and effective leader. It analyses a few characteristics and skills needed to excel in the business realm. After all, we’d all like to be better equipped when it comes to handling our business endeavours, wouldn’t we?

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via New England College Online Master of Science in Leadership