Infographic: Education Is Expensive, but Learning Doesn’t Have to Be


Online courses, OpenCourseWare, and MOOCs have fundamentally changed how we perceive affordable and accessible education. Take a look at this infographic to learn about how startups like Khan Academy, BenchPrep, Udemy, and others are empowering students and educators by offering thousands of courses online for almost next to nothing.

Distant learning has taken on a new meaning. Gone are the days where students are signing up for online courses because they have no time, or means, to make it to the classroom. As we continue to make digital advances, a group of education pioneers have created web-based schools that create free and high-quality education for anyone who wants to learn.

One such school is the Khan Academy, which has library of more than 3,500 videos on topics that range from math to history, literature to cosmology – all for free. 

All-You-Can-Eat-Education for $30 a Month