Infographic: Does It ‘Ad’ Up?


Despite the weak global economic climate and decline in consumer spending, global ad spending rose to more than $500 billion in 2012, with most of that increase coming from digital media advertising. But do advertisements actually generate greater brand awareness and translate to greater sales?

Do consumers simply believe and accept advertising, or do they take it with a grain of salt? And, more importantly, do they care? For example, when you go to McDonald’s for a Big Mac, do you expect the advertised masterpiece or a flattened down version of it?

With that in mind, market researchers Lab42 decided to take a look at how consumers view advertising claims and found that only 3 percent of respondents would describe claims in ads as ‘very accurate’ while only 21 percent would describe ads as somewhat accurate. When asked exactly which parts of the ads they did not believe, almost all the respondents singled out Photoshop as an element of false advertising.

Check out this infographic for insights on ad perception and if brand advertisements really ‘ad’ up.

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