Infographic: Apple’s Cash Can Bailout Greece


Last week, Apple released its first quarter earnings to the public, overturning a December 4.2 percent decline into a 4.4 percent gain. Thanks to rocketing sales of its iphone and ipads, Apple’s 116 percent profit growth boosted its cash holdings to $97.6 billion – an amount sufficient to cover Greece’s debt payments for the next two years.

Apple is undoubtedly the most valuable public company in the world, beating the likes of Google and ExxonMobil at $400 billion. But how much cash does it have on hand?

When Economy Watch reported Apple’s cash holdings last June, Apple had just $29.4 billion in cash, trailing behind China Mobile’s $51.1 billion. Today, Apple is sitting on $97.6 billion in cash, a remarkable 231.9 percent surge.

This infographic highlights Apple’s stellar quarterly performance, and what these numbers really mean. 

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Apple's Cash
Created by: MBA Online