AQRU Review – Is AQRU Safe? Features and Fees Explained

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More people than ever hold cryptocurrency these days, due to the growth and accessibility of major crypto exchanges. Thanks to this, new and exciting areas of finance have become available – with AQRU being one of the most innovative platforms to offer crypto savings accounts.

This article will present our in-depth AQRU review, highlighting the platform’s tools and features, before showing you how to begin generating a return with AQRU today – all in a matter of minutes!

What is AQRU?

aqru logo First thing’s first – what is AQRU? Put simply, AQRU is an innovative platform that offers a way for crypto holders to generate a return on their holdings. As investors who buy cryptocurrency regularly will know, it can be challenging to obtain a yield on crypto holdings – especially if you are opposed to staking. AQRU looks to solve this issue by offering a quick and easy way to acquire interest in a fee-free manner.

AQRU does this by taking crypto deposits from investors and lending them to other investors, institutions, and decentralised exchanges (DEXs). Since there is always a risk with this approach, people who deposit with AQRU are rewarded with high rates of return. For example, AQRU offers an impressive 12% per year on stablecoin deposits and 7% on non-stablecoin deposits.

AQRU crypto savings platform

In terms of specific cryptos, AQRU currently supports USDT, USDC, DAI, BTC, and ETH. Therefore, it’s easy to invest in Bitcoin and then deposit your holdings with AQRU, where you can receive daily interest payments on your investment. The entire process is straightforward and can be facilitated through AQRU’s web-based platform or the handy mobile app.

One of the most appealing aspects we noted during this AQRU review is that the platform doesn’t require a lock-up period. This is in contrast to most staking platforms, which prevent investors from accessing their investment for a specific period. Since AQRU does not take this approach, investors can withdraw their deposit (plus interest) at any time – either via crypto or FIAT.

AQRU Pros and Cons

As highlighted above, AQRU appears to be one of the best trading platforms for crypto savings accounts. With that in mind, presented below is a brief overview of the main pros and cons of the AQRU platform:


  • Regulated by the Republic of Lithuania
  • No fees when generating interest payments
  • Supports five stablecoins and two non-stablecoins
  • Up to 12% APY on crypto deposits
  • No lock-up period
  • Accepts deposits via credit/debit card, bank transfer, or crypto
  • Minimum deposit is only €100 ($112)


  • $20 fee when withdrawing in crypto
  • Only supports seven cryptocurrencies at present

Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products.

AQRU Supported Cryptocurrencies

AQRU currently supports a total of seven cryptocurrencies through its crypto savings account. These cryptocurrencies are split into two distinct categories – stablecoins and non-stablecoins.


stablecoins There is always an element of volatility when you buy stocks – yet this volatility is magnified within the crypto market. This has prompted the invention of ‘stablecoins’, which are coins with values pegged to an underlying asset (e.g. the US Dollar). Stablecoins are widely-used due to their ability to reduce volatility, meaning they tend to be in high demand.

Thanks to this demand, AQRU can offer up to 12% interest per year on USDC, USDT, and DAI deposits. Coins are loaned out to third parties that require them, and investors are compensated for the risk of default through these high yields.


Aside from stablecoins, AQRU also offers yields on BTC and ETH. The platform provides 7% interest per year on these coins, which is less than stablecoins since BTC and ETH are easier to acquire. Finally, AQRU even provides scope to make deposits in GBP or EUR – although this isn’t for yield-generation and is instead to facilitate the purchase of supported cryptos.

AQRU Platforms

During the research and testing for this AQRU review, we found that AQRU offers two ways for investors to obtain yields: the web-based platform or the dedicated mobile app. Starting with the former, the web platform can be easily accessed through a web browser, and accounts can be created in seconds. Once logged in, investors are presented with a sleek interface that offers deposit and buying options, along with a verification procedure.

Verification on the web platform is simple and only takes around five minutes to complete. AQRU also provides two-factor authentication to bolster account security, which dovetails seamlessly with the safeguards offered through Fireblocks (more on this later). Users who sign up for the AQRU platform right now will receive a 10 USDT bonus – and users can even receive an additional 75 USDT reward if they refer a friend.

AQRU platform

The AQRU platform clearly shows the supported assets and their yields, with a ‘Balanced Portfolio’ feature stated to be coming soon. Once verified, deposits can be made in just a few clicks, after which the funds can be invested using the ‘Buy’ button, and interest will begin being generated instantly.

Finally, users of the AQRU platform can go to their Account section and view their entire portfolio, along with any uninvested amounts. There is also a detailed transaction history breakdown and a button to withdraw crypto holdings instantly. AQRU even offers a handy live chat feature manned by real people that adds a personal touch to the platform.


Moving on to the AQRU app, our review has found it to be one of the best crypto apps for generating a return on crypto holdings, thanks to its ease of use and handy features. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play and uses the same login credentials as the web-based platform.

The app itself has a simple interface and will appeal to beginners and experienced investors alike. There is no advanced jargon or complicated features, with clear areas for depositing and investing crypto holdings. Much like the web-based platform, users can see a breakdown of their total balance, along with the amount of interest they have generated thus far.

AQRU app

The AQRU app allows users to add to their balance via FIAT or crypto and synchronises seamlessly with the web platform. Ultimately, the app acts as an extension of the platform and offers the same features – ensuring investors can monitor their portfolio whilst on the go.


Even the best crypto staking platforms tend to charge a fee for their services, whether that is a transaction fee or a deposit fee. However, our AQRU review found that the platform doesn’t charge any fees to make a deposit and begin generating a return. Ultimately, this means that any interest that you accrue is 100% yours to keep.

The only fee that applies to AQRU directly is a $20 charge when making a crypto withdrawal; however, FIAT withdrawals are free to complete. Notably, AQRU also allows FIAT deposits through the third-party payment specialist MoonPay, which can then be used to purchase crypto. Making deposits through MoonPay will come with some associated fees, although these are charged by MoonPay itself and not AQRU.

AQRU Deposits and Withdrawals

AQRU makes it easy to fund your balance as the platform accepts deposits via credit/debit card, bank transfer, or crypto. Credit/debit card deposits are handled by MoonPay, which provides a gateway to purchasing crypto for use in yield generation. Bank transfers are facilitated through Faster Payments for GBP deposits and SEPA for EUR deposits – with both approaches free to make.

AQRU deposits

In terms of crypto deposits, AQRU will provide a QR-code and a dedicated wallet address, which allows you to send crypto holdings from an external wallet to your AQRU account. Crypto deposits are also free to make and tend to arrive as soon as the transaction is verified on the blockchain.

Is AQRU Safe?

Much like when you research the best Bitcoin trading platforms, it’s crucial to determine whether AQRU is safe before making a deposit. Luckily, our AQRU review noted that the platform appears incredibly safe and has the evidence to back it up. Importantly, AQRU is regulated within the Republic of Lithuania and is also authorised as a Virtual Assets Service Provider (VASP) within the same country.

Although this regulation will not provide direct investor protection in other countries, it does add a considerable degree of credibility to the platform. This credibility is boosted because AQRU has partnered with Fireblocks, a leading wallet infrastructure provider with over 800 clients. Through this partnership, AQRU can store customers’ holdings as safely as possible – and the platform even has a $30 million reserve fund in case of loss.

AQRU security

Finally, AQRU also employs Multi-Sig technology to protect deposits. This means that multiple signatures are required to access deposits, not just one, which adds a significant degree of safety to the platform. Ultimately, combining all of these features ensures investors can confidently make their deposits with AQRU.

AQRU Customer Service

AQRU has a dedicated live chat feature available on the website or the web-based platform. Notably, the live chat is operated by real people and not bots – meaning users can receive personalised responses to their queries.

AQRU customer service

In addition, AQRU also has a contact form on their website for more in-depth questions, which will provide scope to get a more detailed response from a member of the customer service team via email. Finally, the AQRU website also contains a handy FAQs section with answers to many common questions.

How to Get Started with AQRU Today – Detailed Walkthrough

Before rounding off this AQRU review, let’s take a look at the investment process. Whether you’re looking to invest $1000 (or any amount), AQRU makes it easy to do so in just a few minutes.

With that in mind, the five quick steps below will show you how to get set up with AQRU right now – all from the comfort of your own home.

Step 1 – Sign Up

Head over to the AQRU website and click ‘Sign Up’. Enter a valid email address, choose a password for your account, and then decide which FIAT currency you’d like your account to be denominated in. Finally, click on the link in the email that AQRU sends to verify your email address.

AQRU sign up

69.80 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Step 2 – Verify Identity

To comply with local regulations, AQRU requires users to verify themselves. Click the ‘Verify Your Identity’ button on the platform’s homepage and complete the necessary KYC checks. Following this, upload proof of ID (e.g. passport) and proof of address (e.g. bank statement). Finally, you will also have to upload a selfie to ensure it is indeed you that is supplying the documents.

AQRU verify

Step 3 – Download App

Head over to the App Store or Google Play and search for ‘AQRU’. Download the app and log in using your email address and password.

AQRU app download

Step 4 – Deposit

Click ‘Deposit’ and decide whether you’d like to fund your account via credit/debit card, bank transfer, or crypto. Credit/debit card deposits are made in FIAT, which you can then use to buy one of AQRU’s supported cryptos. Notably, credit/debit card deposits and crypto deposits tend to arrive instantly, whilst bank transfers can take up to 48 hours.

AQRU deposit

Step 5 – Begin Earning Interest on Crypto

Finally, click ‘Buy’ and choose whether you’d like to deposit a stablecoin, Bitcoin, or Ethereum. On the following page, enter your investment amount into the order box and confirm the transfer. Once approved, the amount you invested will be moved to the ‘Invested Amounts’ section and will begin generating interest instantly.

AQRU crypto savings account

AQRU Review – Conclusion

To summarise, this AQRU review has covered everything you need to know about this exciting platform whilst highlighting its key features and services. As you’ll now be aware, the yields that AQRU can offer are far higher than traditional banking systems – offering an appealing investment opportunity for crypto holders.

If you’d like to begin generating a return with AQRU today, you can do so by clicking the link below. New users will receive a 10 USDT bonus after signing up – with a further 75 USDT available after referring a friend!

aqru logo

69.80 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.


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