Natural Resources


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The economy of the United States is characterized by rich diversity of natural resources. Ample supply of natural resources has proved to be of great use in strengthening the economic base of the United States.

With its huge collection of natural resources, the US has emerged as one of the most powerful market-oriented economies of the world.

Natural Resources of United States at a Glance

Natural resources are available in different parts of United States of America. It has huge deposits of natural gas, coal, uranium, copper, iron, phosphates, silver, gold, mercury, zinc, lead, bauxite, molybdenum, nickel, petroleum, potash, and many more.

Easy availability of natural resources has helped the industrialization process of the United States to a great extent. The huge variety of natural resources contributes a substantial share of the revenue of the US federal government. The ready availability and abundance of natural resources also provide the nation with a comparative advantage in the global financial markets.

Due to the non-renewable nature of fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, and petroleum, the use of renewable sources of energy has gained substantial popularity in United States in recent times. The federal and state governments of United States have put stress on conservation of natural resources.

Increased dependence on fossil fuels has been an issue of major concern for the federal government of the United States. The unfavorable climatic changes resulting from it have adversely affected the marine living resources of US. Release of hazardous wastes into the sea water also stands in the way of conservation of natural resources.

Natural Resources Council of America takes a number of initiatives for maintaining sustainability of country’s resources. The council also honors most effective innovation in the field of natural resources with the Academy Awards of Conservation. Preservation of natural resources also helps to maintain ecological landscape of the United States of America.