Bitcoin Equaliser Review 2021: Is it Legit, or a Scam?

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Bitcoin Equaliser is a viral automated trading platform launched in 2015. It’s said to offer an easy and profitable way to trade bitcoin in 2021.

Most of its users allege trading bitcoin volatility at a daily ROI of up to 60%. The bot is reportedly a consistent performer during periods of high volatility. Users are reportedly earning fortunes through this bot in 2021 as crypto volatility continues to rise.

Amazingly, this bot does all the trading on autopilot. This means that it’s easy to operate for people with no crypto trading background. From the reviews, it’s evident that most of its users do not have any technical trading background.

Bitcoin Equaliser app is reportedly a good choice for experts too. This is because it’s proven to outperform the world’s best manual trader. But is Bitcoin Equaliser legit, and is it as lucrative as the reviewers allege?

We have taken an in-depth look into Bitcoin Equaliser and prepared a kickass review for you. You will find the answers to all legitimacy and profitability questions in this review.

Bitcoin Equaliser App Review

Bitcoin Equaliser UK is a platform that offers automated trading services to crypto investors. Automated trading involves an intelligent computer program conducting all the trading on behalf of the investor.

Bitcoin Equaliser app was launched in 2013 as a stock and market indices CFDs trading system. It was relaunched as an exclusive crypto CFDs trading system in 2015. Bitcoin Equaliser popularity skyrocketed in 2017 as more of its users came forward with insane profitability claims.

Some expert reviewers allege that it generated the most millionaires in the bitcoin boom of 2017. Another boom is building up in 2021, which is why this trading bot is gaining a lot of popularity.

As is evident on the many positive Bitcoin Equaliser Reddit threads, many users are making good money out of this trading platform. This bot has a TrustPilot Score of 4.4/5 after over 3k reviews.  Most of the reviewers report great satisfaction with its performance.

Bitcoin Equaliser relies on top UK brokers as a link to global liquidity pools. You will be asked to fund your account through one of these brokers. Also, all transactions will facilitate through the matched broker.

Bitcoin Equaliser UK has the power to make you rich, but profitability is never guaranteed. The current market conditions highly influence the trading outcome.

Is Bitcoin Equaliser a scam?

We find Bitcoin Equaliser to be trustworthy, safe, and lucrative. A trustworthy trading platform should have adequate measures in place to ensure transparency.

Bitcoin Equaliser app operates on blockchain technologies to enable users to monitor all transactions in real-time. Moreover, the smart contracts (SC) subset of blockchain allows clients to seamlessly solve the disputes that may arise during trading.

We have also established that Bitcoin Equaliser UK has made all the crucial disclosures on its website. These include its fees and the partner brokers it works with. Untrustworthy trading platforms never make such disclosures.

Bitcoin Equaliser further ensures transparency by partnering with regulated brokers. The partnership with these brokers shows its commitment to operating transparently. Bitcoin Equaliser works with tier-one regulated brokers.

Regarding safety, this auto-trading bot operates on encrypted platforms. A 128-bit key encryption powers the official Bitcoin Equaliser website. This encryption protocol is powerful enough to prevent all forms of data breaches. Most cyber-attacks begins with data theft on unsecured websites.

Bitcoin Equaliser UK also has a comprehensive privacy policy to dictate how it interacts with clients’ data. This policy is reportedly derived from the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The GDPR is the world’s most powerful data protection regulation.

Bitcoin Equaliser Features

This trading bot comes with highly superior features compared to other trading robots out there. There are hundreds of bitcoin trading systems out there, but only a few are built using the same technologies as this robot.

Moreover, only a handful can match the results generated by this bot. Bitcoin Equaliser app is free for all. This is awesome given that most of its competitors charge annual trading license fees of up to $20,000 per month.

Only less than 5% of those who try to sign up with Bitcoin Equaliser manage to secure a slot. You need to keep trying if you can’t secure a registration slot on the first attempt. Read on for an in-depth look at the key Bitcoin Equaliser features.

Superior performance

Over ten experts review Bitcoin Equaliser as the most profitable crypto trading system in 2021. This bot is also top-rated by users, with most claiming to generate handsome daily profits. The bot can reportedly generate an ROI of up to 60% daily.

An analysis of the thousands of Bitcoin Equaliser reviews on the internet reveals that the average daily ROI is 20%. This makes this bot one of the best investments in 2021. An average ROI of 20% is enough to generate a fortune within months of trading.

Bitcoin Equaliser has reportedly received numerous performance awards. It’s among the trading systems said to have made the most profits in the crypto boom of 2017.

Transparent trading environment

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Equaliser platform is among the very few trading platforms based on blockchain.

The distributed ledger technology (blockchain) ensures transparency by listing all transactions on a public ledger. Users can easily verify the transactions on the ledger and remain anonymous.

The blockchain subset of Smart Contracts (SC) allows users to raise and solve any disputes during trading.

Safe trading platform

Our technical team has done penetration testing on Bitcoin Equaliser and concluded that it’s safe. The tests were carried on its website and also a hybrid trading app.

Bitcoin Equaliser UK secures its website through impenetrable 128-bit RSA encryption. Moreover, this trading bot requires all users to observe stringent cybersecurity measures. These include creating a strong password and changing it after every three months.

Bitcoin Equaliser handles all users’ data in strict confidentiality. It’s among the very few crypto trading bots fully compliant with the EU’s data protection regulations.

Bitcoin Equaliser This Morning

This Morning is a popular ITV breakfast show which gives daily talks on all of the UK’s hot topics. It has been speculated that Bitcoin Equaliser appeared on This Morning, but we can confirm this is not true

Bitcoin Equaliser App

All trading systems must operate through brokers to be able to access the global liquidity providers. Trading robots are simply tools that generate trades by analyzing market data.

They must relay these trades to brokers for execution. Moreover, they must rely on the brokers to take deposits from the public. Trading robots usually lack the legal mandate to take deposits from the public, given that they aren’t registered as financial institutions.

We have conducted preliminary checks on each of the 15 Bitcoin Equaliser partner brokers and found them reputable. They all report falling under the regulatory watch of tier-one institutions such as the FCA.

Bitcoin Equaliser Review: The Verdict!

We have done all the vital tests on Bitcoin Equaliser and concluded that it’s trustworthy. Moreover, this trading bot operates transparently and is in partnership with top brokers.

Bitcoin Equaliser is highly rated by consumers and experts. There are over twenty thousand individual consumer reviews, most claiming that this bot is highly profitable. Tens of experts have also reviewed it as highly trustworthy and profitable.

Follow the steps below to start trading with Bitcoin Equaliser

  • Visit the official Bitcoin Equaliser website and register for free. Authenticate your account by submitting verification documents via the assigned broker.
  • Deposit not less than USD250 through the matched broker. You can get started small and apply the reinvestment strategy for growth.
  • Take a risk-free tour on Bitcoin Equaliser through the provided demo account. You should read the guide that accompanies the demo to understand all the features.
  • Start making the supposed profits by toggling the trading button. Bitcoin Equaliser conducts all trading on autopilot.

Bitcoin Equaliser has reportedly made most of its users wealthy. However, profitability is not guaranteed. This bot minimizes the risk of crypto trading but doesn’t eliminate it. You should therefore invest wisely.

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$200Exclusive promotion
Our score9.5
  • Trending and popular robot in 2021
  • Claimed high payouts of 80%+
  • Deposit with multiple payment methods

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