Best Crypto to Buy on the Dip – Top Coins to Buy During the Crash

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While many crypto investors are concerned about the current bear market, seasoned investors will look to take advantage of falling prices by buying the dip.

This simply means buying quality crypto assets at a discounted price, with the view of making gains once the market eventually recovers.

In this guide, we analyze and rank the 7 best crypto to buy during the crash.

List of the 7 Best Crypto to Buy in the Crash

Below is a list of the 7 best altcoins to buy today for investment long-term investment purposes:

  1. Battle Infinity – Overall Best Crypto to Buy During the Crash
  2. Lucky Block – Up-and-Coming NFT Competition Platform With Token Rewards
  3. Bitcoin – De-Facto Crypto to Buy on the Dip and Hold Forever
  4. The Sandbox – Popular Metaverse World With Main Launch Date Impending
  5. Ethereum – Trusted Smart Contract Blockchain
  6. Stellar – Lighting-Fast Transactions for Companies and the Unbanked
  7. BNB – Large-Cap Crypto Backed by Binance

The 7 Best Crypto to Buy on the Dip – Full Analysis 

Experienced traders will look to capitalize on asset prices – and crypto is no different. After all, during the previous bear market, shrewd traders were able to buy Bitcoin at lows of $3,000 – before seeing the value of the crypto asset hit new highs of nearly $69,000 in 2021.

Bitcoin isn’t the only crypto to buy on the dip, as there are many high-grade projects that have since seen their valuations take a major hit.

With this in mind, below we analyze and rank the 7 best crypto to buy during the crash.

1. Battle Infinity – Overall Best Crypto to Buy During the Crash

Unlike the vast majority of the crypto industry, Battle Infinity has not seen its valuation decline due to the bear market. The reason for this is that Battle Infinity is yet to list on an exchange, as it currently going through its presale campaign. As a result, we found that overall – Battle Infinity is the best crypto to buy during the crash. There are many reasons why we like this up-and-coming growth project.

First and foremost, the Battle Infinity ecosystem is centered on an immersive metaverse world. This means that each and every product within the Battle Infinity metaverse – of which there are six, offers an innovative user experience. One of the most anticipated Battle Infinity products is its IBAT Premier League. This is a fantasy draft game that covers a variety of sports – such as football, basketball, and cricket.

Once players have purchased an NFT pass and chosen their favorite sport, they will then have the opportunity to build a team of players. And, the performance of each player within real matches will determine the rewards that can be earned. Rewards are subsequently paid in IBAT tokens, which is the digital asset that fuels the Battle Infinity metaverse.

To enhance the gaming experience, Battle Infinity players can also earn or buy in-game NFTs. Each NFT will boost the player’s chance of success within the specific game. Moreover, each NFT can be traded on the Battle Infinity marketplace. Another feature found within the Battle Infinity ecosystem is its staking protocol. This will enable IBAT token holders to generate a yield on their holdings.

Battle Infinity also states that it is building a next-generation DEX that will, once again, offer an immersive user experience. The DEX will enable users to buy and sell IBAT and other crypto assets in an anonymous and centralization-free manner. To benefit from the preferential prices being offered in the Battle Infinity presale, investors can gain access by swapping BNB tokens at a minimum of 0.1 BNB. More on this later.

Read More: Visit the Battle Infinity homepage to explore more about what this project offers – including the whitepaper. Looking to speak with like-minded investors and receive real-time updates on the IBAT presale? If so, join the Battle Infinity Telegram group.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

2. Lucky Block – Up-and-Coming NFT Competition Platform With Token Rewards

Another project that represents one of the best crypto to buy on the dip is Lucky Block. In a nutshell, Lucky Block has built an NFT competition platform that offers huge prizes. This includes the opportunity to earn $1 million worth of Bitcoin and even a VIP package to the FIFA World Cup 2022. In order to stand a chance of winning, the user must purchase an NFT that is specific to the competition.

Before, during, and after the competition draw, the NFT holder will earn rewards. These rewards are subsequently paid in the project’s native crypto asset – LBLOCK. In terms of its presale, LBLOCK raised over $5 million in the space of a few weeks in January 2022. Its presale price of $0.0015 very quickly exploded to hit all-time highs of over $0.09 – representing growth of nearly 6,000%.

lucky block NFTs

However, like most other crypto assets, the bear market has resulted in the LBLOCK token witnessing a major correction. In fact, as of writing, LBLOCK is trading at just over $0.001. This means that when compared to its prior high, investors can buy LBLOCK at a major discount of nearly 90%. In other words, those buying LBLOCK at the aforementioned pricing level will be looking at a potential upside of over 800% – should the crypto asset regain its prior high.

Nonetheless, we should also note that Lucky Block is behind an additional NFT collection. Across 10,000 unique numbers, Lucky Block NFTs afford the holder lifetime access to a weekly prize draw. All distributions from winning numbers will be paid in LBLOCK.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

3. Bitcoin – De-Facto Crypto to Buy on the Dip and Hold Forever

Many market commentators will argue that Bitcoin is the best crypto to buy on the dip. The original cryptocurrency has shown time and time again that bear markets are just part and parcel of this industry. After all, Bitcoin has previously gone through many bear markets – some of which have resulted in a correction of over 80-90%. However, Bitcoin has always recovered and subsequently gone on to reach new heights.

This is just the nature of bull and bear cycles, just like in the traditional stock markets. Nonetheless, during the previous bull market, Bitcoin went on an extended run to hit a new all-time high of over $68,000. After achieving this feat in November 2021, Bitcoin – alongside the broader crypto markets, went on an extended bear cycle. As a result, Bitcoin has since hit lows of just under $20,000.

When compared to its 2021 highs, this represents a decline – or a discount, of over 70%. Bitcoin has been stuck in a consolidation period of between $19,000-22,000 for some time now, so there are still plenty of opportunities to buy this top-rated crypto on the dip. And, just remember, although Bitcoin trades for many thousands of dollars, brokers like eToro require a minimum investment of just $10 via its fractional trading tool.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

4. The Sandbox – Popular Metaverse World With Main Launch Date Impending 

The next project to consider on our list of the best crypto to buy during the crash is the Sandbox. This project is building a limitless metaverse that aims to connect the gap between the real and virtual worlds. Although the Sandbox has spent many years in the development stage, the project aims for perfection. This is why in its current form, the Sandbox metaverse is only in beta mode, with access limited to those with an Alpha pass.

Nonetheless, from what we have seen so far, this could be one of the best metaverse projects to keep an eye on, alongside Battle Infinity. This sentiment seems to be shared by many within the metaverse scene, with the Sandbox already selling its virtual plots of lands to big businesses both from within and outside of the crypto space. This includes the likes of Snoop Dogg and Atari, alongside CoinMarket and Kraken.

Furthermore, several plots of land have already sold for well over a million dollars. Once buying virtual land in the Sandbox, users can build real estate without limitation. This means that the user might decide to build a house, villa, casino, or even a hotel. In terms of the native Sandbox token – SAND, it is trading at a major discount of nearly 85% at the time of writing.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

5. Ethereum – Trusted Smart Contract Blockchain 

Ethereum is yet another top-quality project that has since its valuation cut by considerable amounts since the bear market came to fruition in late 2021. Back then, Ethereum was on course to smash through the $5,000 mark. However, as of writing, the crypto asset has stabilized at approximately $1,500. This means that when compared to its previous high, Ethereum is trading at a discount of over 70%.

After Bitcoin, Ethereum is the largest crypto asset in terms of market capitalization. It is the de-facto leader in smart contract technology, which enables developers to execute agreements in a trustless manner. Some of the most successful crypto projects in this space – including the Sandbox, Uniswap, Compound, Shiba Inu, and Decentraland, are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

In fact, more than 20,000 ERC-20 tokens are backed by the Ethereum network, which shows that this project has reputation for trust and legitimacy. Perhaps the next bull run will come to place when Ethereum eventually migrates from proof-of-work over to proof-of-stake. In doing so, this will reportedly allow Ethereum to handle up to 100,000 transactions per second. In its current form, Ethereum struggles to handle more than 16 per second.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

6. Stellar – Lighting-Fast Transactions for Companies and the Unbanked

Stellar is an open-source decentralized blockchain system that enables fast and low-cost transactions. Initially, the project was set up to serve the unbanked – people who are unable to access vital financial services. More specifically, Stellar transactions and remittances can be completed in less than five seconds at a cost that translates into a tiny fraction of a cent.

While this marketplace is still important to Stellar – which is supported by its ongoing charitable donations to the third world, the project has since formed notable partnerships with large businesses. This includes MoneyGram and IBM – both of which utilize the Stellar network to send and receive funds across borders. In order to invest in Stellar, this can be achieved by purchasing its native crypto token – Lumens.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

7. BNB – Large-Cap Crypto Backed by Binance

The Binance ecosystem is by far the largest in the crypto and blockchain arenas. Not only in terms of its crypto exchange – which often attracts more than $10 billion per day in trading volume, but its derivatives markets, interest accounts, staking tools, NFT market, and of course – the Binance Smart Chain. Backing this ever-growing ecosystem is BNB – formally the Binance Coin.

BNB has many real-world use cases, which ensures it remains relevant and in demand. For example, on the Binance exchange, traders have the opportunity to reduce their commissions by 25% – simply for holding BNB. Furthermore, BNB is the native currency of the Binance Smart Chain, which means that the digital asset is paired against newly created tokens on this network.

Furthermore, when tokens trade on the Binance Smart Chain, BNB is required to pay fees. The team at Binance regularly ‘burn’ BNB tokens, which means that the overall circulating supply is reduced. To finance the burning program, Binance utilizes a portion of the commissions it collects to buy back BNB in the open market. This operates much like a traditional stock buy-back program.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

Why is Crypto Crashing?

Since the market peaked in November 2021, the vast majority of crypto assets have witnessed a major correction. This means that when compared to the previous all-time highs experienced in late 2021, crypto valuations have taken a huge hit. In fact, many of the crypto projects that we have discussed on this page have since seen a price decline of 70-90%.

On the one hand, inexperienced investors will look at the current crypto winter with great fear. This means that many crypto investors have since engaged in panic selling. However, those that have been in the crypto industry for some time will know that both bull and bear markets are part and parcel of this space. We last saw a bear market commence in December 2017, just after Bitcoin peaked at $20,000.

In the months and years to follow, the price of Bitcoin struggled greatly, even hitting lows of $3,000. However, as we now know, Bitcoin eventually recovered and thus – regained its previous high of $20,000 three years later. Not only that, but Bitcoin went on an extended bull run in 2021, hitting new highs of over $68,000. Ethereum, and many other crypto assets, repeated the same pricing cycle as Bitcoin.

The key point here is that while there are no guarantees in this market, high-grade crypto assets have every chance of not only surviving the bear market, but eventually, breaking new all-time highs. Those that share this sentiment can, therefore, buy the dip. As we explain in more detail shortly, buying the dip means investing in crypto assets when the broader markets are falling. As such, investors can buy cryptocurrency at a huge discount.

Should I Buy the Crypto Dip?

There is no knowing how long the bear cycle will last, nor where the market bottom is. What we do know, however, is that bear markets offer an excellent opportunity to buy top-quality crypto assets at a huge discount.

The first thing to note is that not all cryptocurrencies represent a solid buy during the current dip. The reason for this is that many projects will likely never recover. For example, we recently saw Terra USD lose its $1 peg to become virtually worthless. The same fate is expected to happen to CEL – the native token backing Celcius – which has since filed for bankruptcy.

With this in mind, when searching for the best crypto to buy on the dip, it is important only to focus on solid projects that have strong fundamentals.

Which Crypto Should I Buy During the Crash?

Knowing which crypto, or group of crypto assets, to buy during the market crash can be difficult. As noted above, the most important thing is to only invest in high-quality projects, which will reduce the risk of loss.

Below, we explain some of the key points to remember when searching for the best crypto to buy on the dip:

  • Consider Presales – A good starting point is to look for solid crypto presales. This enables investors to buy newly launched crypto token before it is listed on a public exchange. And, in return for getting in early, presale investors have access to lower prices. Battle Infinity, for example, is currently engaged in a 90-day presale, albeit, this is likely to conclude early as it appears that the hard cap total will soon be reached.
  • Have a Strong Focus on Large-Caps – When buying crypto during the bear market, portfolios should be weighted towards larger-cap projects. The likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum stand out here, as both projects have gone through plenty of bear markets previously and have always recovered.
  • Small Allocation of Small-Caps – Investors might also consider allocating a small percentage of a portfolio into small-caps. These are often up-and-coming projects that are still in their infancy. And as such, the upside, as well as the risk, is typically much higher.
  • Explore Performance in Previous Bear Market – Many of the leading crypto assets were created after the previous bear market had concluded. However, some projects have been around for many years, so it is worth exploring whether or not the respective token recovered from the prior market crash.

Ultimately, in order to find the best crypto to buy the crash, the investor will need to be prepared to perform lots of in-depth research and analysis.

How to Buy Crypto During the Crash

Those that are entering the digital asset market for the very first time might need some guidance on how to buy crypto – especially during these turbulent times.

Therefore, in the final section of this guide, we explain how to buy Battle Infinity (IBAT), which is perhaps the best crypto to buy during the crash. As we noted earlier, IBAT is available to buy at a favorable price via its presale campaign.

Step 1: Get a Crypto Wallet That Supports BNB 

The first step is to get a crypto wallet that supports BNB and subsequently the Binance Smart Chain. Many wallet options exist in this space, albeit, for beginners, MetaMask is perhaps the best.

The reason that MetaMask is worth considering when buying crypto via a presale, is that it is available as a browser extension. This means that when using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Edge – the investor can complete the entire process on their laptop or desktop device for a smooth user experience.

MetaMask wallet

Simply head over to the MetaMask website, download the extension, and complete the setup process. In addition to choosing a strong password, the user will need to write down their 12-word passphrase. This will be required if the user forgets their password or losses/damages the device that the wallet is stored on.

Step 2: Get BNB and Transfer to Wallet 

Metamask is a wallet and not a crypto exchange. Therefore, in order to get BNB, the user will need to purchase some tokens from an exchange and then transfer them over to MetaMask.

Consider reading our guide on the best crypto exchanges to help clear the mist.

After BNB has been purchased, the user will need to add the Binance Smart Chain network to Metamask. This can be done by pasting in the data below after clicking on ‘Add Network’.

  • Network Name: Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL:

Next, copy the Binance Smart Chain wallet address and transfer BNB over from the exchange where the tokens were bought.

Step 3: Connect Wallet to Battle Infinity Presale  

Next, head over to the Battle Infinity website. Click on ‘Launch Presale Dashboard’ and look for the ‘Connect ‘Wallet’ button.

IBAT presale

Then, select ‘MetaMask’ and when a notification pops up – confirm the connection to Battle Infinity.

Step 4: Buy IBAT  

Now that there is a connection between MetaMask and Battle Infinity, the user can buy IBAT. But first, the user will need to enter the number of IBAT tokens that they wish to buy.


The easier way is to enter the number of BNB tokens that the user wishes to allocate to the presale, and a corresponding amount of IBAT will update in real-time. Click on ‘Buy IBAT’ to confirm the presale investment.


The current bear cycle means that some of the best crypto projects in this space can be purchased at a major discount. With that said, those looking for the best crypto to buy during the crash might consider the Battle Infinity presale.

This project is looking to build a metaverse world that combines NFTs and fantasy sports games, alongside staking tools and a DEX. Those partaking in the presale will get the best price possible before the IBAT token is launched to the public.

IBAT logo

Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products


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