Bangladesh Credit Card


The Bangladesh credit card industry is gradually evolving, with most banks in the nation offering credit card services to eligible customers. Credit cards are the primary mode of transactions in major cities such as Dhaka, Chittagong and Khulna.


Standard Chartered Grindlays Bank, formerly known as ANZ Grindlays Bank, is a pioneer in the Bangladesh credit card industry. The bank started offering cards in the mid 1990s. In 1997, the bank launched full-scale credit card operations. This was characterized by an increase in both credit card circulation and the number of credit card processing terminals. Later, other banks also joined the band wagon.


Bangladesh Credit Card: Major Issuers

Major Bangladesh credit card issuers are:


  • AB Bank
  • Agrani Bank
  • Al-Arafa Islami Bank
  • Bank Asia Limited
  • Dutch-Bangla Bank
  • Eastern Bank Limited
  • Grameen Bank
  • HSBC Bangladesh
  • Janata Bank
  • Mercantile Bank
  • Mutual Trust Bank
  • National Bank
  • Prime Bank
  • Standard Chartered Grindlays Bank
  • United Comercial Bank
  • Uttara Bank
  • VANIK Bank
  • World Bank-BD

Bangladesh Credit Card: Essential Considerations


An individual should consider the following points while applying for a Bangladesh credit card:


  • Universal acceptance: Look for a credit card that is globally acceptable. International credit cards are particularly important for people who travel frequently to foreign countries, such as businessmen, sportspersons, political figures and celebrities. There are no extra charges for owning an international credit card.
  • Rewards program: Most credit card issuers offer a range of reward programs, such as air miles, cash back and shopping bonuses. Analyze your purchasing habits and then select an appropriate rewards program.
  • Annual fees: Look for a credit card with no annual fees. Mostly, standard and gold credit cards do not attract an annual fee, unlike their premier versions.
  • Interest rates: Research the market thoroughly for lower interest rates. Remember, most banks write their annual percentage rate (APR) in per month figures.


In 2009, the Bangladeshi government withdrew the source tax applicable on credit card usage. According to expert opinion, this step will provide an essential thrust to foreign investment in the financial sector and will promote credit card transactions in the nation as well.