GE Corporate Card



GE Corporate Card is one of the most popular card among the major corporate card providers. Customers generally prefer to choose GE Corporate Card because of their commitment towards customer's necessities and low costs. The company demands that by using their state of the art systems and reporting capabilities, GE Corporate Card can provide better service to their cardholders.

Application procedures

Those who want to apply for a GE Corporate Card need to complete and submit the application online. After verification, the completed application is normally approved by the Travel Management Staff prior to being processed by GE. Normally it takes more or less 2 weeks to deliver the approval letter.

Reason of using GE Corporate Card

One should use GE Corporate Card as the GE Corporate Card allows one to separate their business expenses from personal expenses. Not only this, frequent travelers will be able to maintain their personal finances effectively by requesting for travel reimbursement following a trip.


If somebody has a GE Corporate Card, he must pay his bill in each month. Customers will be charged for late fees, interest rate charges, and other charges related to his use of the corporate credit card, if the bill is not paid in time.


Advice by financial experts:

IU(Indiana University) generally reimburse for any covered travel expenses incurred. So, if one needs his reimbursed amount speedily, he should submit his reimbursement requests almost instantly after returning from the trip.

Information retrieval

Procedure of getting vital information

To get a variety of accounting information, customers should contact the Corporate Card Center, where he needs to enter his account number and security code and almost instantly he will be able to get the information like: his current account balance, lost or stolen cards information, or information regarding his last payment or any current past due amount etc. Customers will also be able to know his spending limit or the status of his disputed charges if any.

Contact information

Contacting Corporate Card Center:

GE Capital's Corporate Card Center is open in all the 7 days a week from 5:00 am to 9:30 pm. Customers can call: (800) 359-9227 no. within U.S. and 1 801-454 3232 when abroad.

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