Macy’s Credit Card (Macy’s Visa Card)



Macy’s credit card (Macy’s Visa card) is a departmental card that comes in four basic and four Visa variants. The cards are financially maintained by the Department Store National Bank.

Macy’s Credit Card: Variants

The four Visa variants that Macy offers are:

  • Macy's Red Star Rewards Visa
  • Macy's Gold Star Rewards Visa
  • Macy's Platinum Star Rewards Visa
  • Macy's Elite Star Rewards Visa


It also offers the non-Visa variants for in-store shopping with a few trade-offs as benefits.

Macy’s Credit Card: Benefits

Depending on the card a consumer picks, ranging from the Red Star to Elite Star, the benefits differ:

  • Macy’s Red Star Rewards Visa

    • Monthly cardholder savings events

    • No annual fee

    • Flexible payment plans

    • $0 liability on fraudulent purchases outside of Macy


  • Macy’s Gold Star Rewards Visa

    • Easy return even without a receipt

    • Monthly cardholder savings events

    • No annual fee

    • Earn $10 Star Rewards Certificates


  • Macy’s Platinum Star Rewards Visa

    • Enjoy 12 free services per year

    • Easy returns without a receipts

    • Earn $25 star rewards certificates

    • $0 liability on fraudulent purchases


  • Macy’s Elite Star Rewards Visa

    • Enjoy 18 free services per year

    • Monthly cardholder saving events

    • No annual fee

    • Earn $25 Reward Certificates


Being affiliated with Visa, these cards can be used at any location that accepts Visa cards and come with protection against fraudulent charges.

Macy’s Credit Card: How to Apply

You can apply for the Macy’s credit card either through the company’s website or by visiting a Macy’s store. For online application, go to Macy’s website and click on ‘Apply for a Macy’s Card’. Fill in your personal details, including your social security number and existing card details. Ensure to read through the ‘Important Credit Disclosures’ to know the interest rates, grace period and other related information.


However, if you wish to apply for Macy’s Visa Card, you will have to go to a Macy’s store, since this option is not available online. Applying at the counter will also let you know the status of the credit check, almost instantaneously.


Macy's Credit Card is a brand owned by Macy's, a subsidiary of Macy's Inc.


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