JC Penny Credit Card Payment Online


The JC Penney credit card payment online is subject to the GEMB privacy policy. JC Penney is a chain of departmental stores with approximately 1,100 stores in the US and also, 6 stores in Mexico. The card is issued by the company in association with GE Money Bank or GEMB. This card lets users avail high discounts in all JC Penney stores.

The card comes with:

  • zero liability
  • protection from fraudulent usage
  • waiver of annual fee
  • multiple payment options

JC Penney Credit Card Payment Online: Steps

To enable the JC Penney credit card payment online facility, log on to www.jcpenney.com. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the ‘credit card’ link on ‘payment option.’  

You can make your JC Penney credit card payment through:

Online credit center: Login to make the payment. If you do not have a user ID, create one. Then, provide the following details:

  • credit card number
  • savings
  • checking account number
  • amount
  • desired date of payment

Once you are logged-in, select the ‘Pay your Bill Online’ option from the navigation bar.

MyCheckFree.com: JCPenney Credit Services, in association with CheckFree, offers a free service for receiving and paying your JC Penney credit card dues online. Expanded services include:

  • setting up automated bill payments
  • accessing up to twelve months of billing history.

JC Penney Credit Card Online Account Benefits

Creating an online log-in account to facilitate JC Penny credit card payment online enables you to:

  • Notify about payments.
  • Apply for a subsidiary card.
  • Request a transaction statement.
  • Apply for a credit line raise.
  •  Update personal account.
  • Download account activity.
  • Record privacy preference.

JC Penney Credit Card Payment Online: Authority

Besides the primary cardholder, the following parties can also access your JC Penney credit card:

  • An authorized user: is authorized by the principle cardholder to use the JC Penney card for making purchases. The control of an authorized user is restricted to purchases. Account information or making payments is not permissible.  

  • A joint applicant: S/he shares the responsibilities of the primary cardholders. The joint applicant along with using the JC Penney credit card can also, request for account information and make changes to it. S/he is also responsible for credit card repayment.

Make sure you follow security norms to safeguard your JC Penney credit card and stay updated about any forthcoming incentives and rewards.

You can find out more about JC Penney Credit Card Payment at the http://www.jcp.com/ website, operated by GE Money Bank ("GEMB"), the issuer of the JCPenney Card. GE Money Bank is a brand name of General Electric.