Morgan Stanley


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In 2008, Morgan Stanley was ranked #75 in Forbes list of global, public companies. Morgan Stanley managed to be listed within top 75 companies due to its good sales performance.
Morgan Stanley's headquarters is located in New York, USA. It operates through 600 offices located across 33 countries. On September 21, 2008 Morgan Stanley was allowed by Federal Reserve to convert its status from that of an investment bank to a bank holding company.

Brief history
Morgan Stanley was founded in 1935. Introduction of Glass-Steagall Act made it impossible for a single entity to hold two business lines of investment banking and retail banking. This affected JPMorgan Chase and it chose retail banking over its investment banking business. Former employees of JPMorgan Chase, including Henry S. Morgan and Harold Stanley, left it to establish Morgan Stanley.

Products and services
Morgan Stanley offers several investment products including stocks, mutual funds, bonds, managed futures, credit or lending, UITs, structured investments, and closed-end funds. Morgan Stanley also offers different types of accounts and services like education funding, retirement accounts, investment accounts, private wealth management, and business accounts. This company also assists other firms, government organizations, and institutional investors in areas like investment banking, sales and trading, prime brokerage and research, and investment management.

In 2007, total sales of Morgan Stanley amounted to nearly $69.144 billion. Profits made by this public company were worth $0.414 billion. Morgan Stanley owned assets worth about $987.403 billion. Total employee count of this firm was around 48,256.

Awards and recognition
In 2008, Working Mother magazine identified Morgan Stanley as one of "100 Best Companies for Working Mothers". Human Rights Campaign Foundation also acknowledged this firm as one of "Best Places to Work for GLBT Equality". UK's Sunday Times newspaper, ranked Morgan Stanley #5 in its list of "20 Best Big Companies to Work for in 2006".

Current financial crisis
Margan Stanley has faced troubles due to global financial crisis. This public company was reportedly exploring merger possibilities with CITIC, HSBC, Wachovia, Nomura, and Banco Santander. In mid-September, 2008 many hedge funds abandoned Morgan Stanley resulting in huge losses for this company's brokerage business.