The Internet and Social Media


There’s no denying the massive impact and influence the Internet and Social Media has today on the way businesses sell and market their products and services, interact and engage with customers – as well as how people communicate with each other.

The Internet empowers individuals anywhere in the world with information at their fingertips and the ability to communicate and connect with businesses, other individuals who share the same interest and social networks – turning communication into interactive dialogues.

Where news is concerned alone, and in countries where it was traditionally hard, even for journalists and reporters on the ground to get the word from the people on the street, the Internet and social media has given the people a voice and thus influence politics within their own country.

But for businesses and organizations, the Internet and social media has its downside: transparency and spread of non-desirable (to companies) information. It means the consumer is now driving sales and marketing of their favourite brands, products and services – and companies now have to listen to their consumers and stay in line with their expectations of not just their products and services, but their core brand values


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