Best cTrader Brokers – Best Online cTrader Forex Brokers in 2021

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Forex and CFD trading is always best done on cTrader. This is a great trading platform solution that will offer a full range of features that take care of the needs of every investment preference that you can imagine. CTrader is an amazing multi-asset platform with a rich charting tool and a great and intuitive user interface.

#1 Best cTrader Broker: eToro

Our score10
  • Buy over 800 stocks with 0% commission
  • Social trading network
  • Copy over 12 million traders and investors
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Top 5 CTrader Forex Brokers in 2021 –  Quick Overview

The top 5 cTrader brokers are:

  1. eToro
  2. AvaTrade
  4. Fineco Bank
  5. Libertex

These companies top the list due to their unique offerings in some cases, while others are on the list due to their long-term experience and reputation for trading in this space. There is no shortage of options out there, but the top 5 will get you started on your cTrader journey with ease.

Not all brokers are created equal and there are many factors and differences between these brokers that you need to be aware of. There is no reason to look before you leap and we can offer you key insights into the information that is needed to help you to make a great decision for your needs. Investing your money into a broker’s platform can be daunting, but we can help!

If you are ready to learn more about why these options have landed on our list, let’s dive in and start discussing what they can offer you for trading foreign currencies worldwide.

Best CTrader Brokers Reviewed

1. eToro – Best cTrader Broker for Beginners with Cryptocurrencies

eToro is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. They also have offices located in the UK, China, the US, and Australia. They are authorized by the FCA in the UK and also by FinCEN in the US. ASIC is their authorizing entity in Australia. eToro has been associated with some fines when weaknesses in its structure were found but that has been sorted out and things are running smoothly these days for them.

This company has 140 operating countries and 20 million users. This broker has great options for cryptocurrency and they have an awesome wallet function for this need. They have also recently added 130 British and German stocks that add indices to the stock brokers section for the company.

This is a great company to work with if you want to give back, as they offer up a very effective global inequity program that is aimed at fixing the wealth inequality between basic income and the amount that the 1% have to their name.

When you work with eToro, you will have the ability to start out with a low minimum to fund your account and start investing. You will also be able to do social trading and you will have access to 15 cryptocurrencies. They do have the downside of only being available in 41 US states and US traders are the only ones who can trade in crypto with them.

Maximum leverage 1:30
Min order Size $25
Spreads 3 pips
Asset Classes Commodities, crypto, currencies, indices EFTs
Trading Commissions $5
Minimum Deposit 50 USD
Cryptocurrency Types 15


This is a great choice for your cTrader needs if you want to get started right away as a beginner with little added investment. You will find that it has a great and very innovative trading platform that will do most of what you need every time with ease. This is one of the best brokers out there for crypto as well, allowing you to get started trading crypto for $50.

There are not many other choices for your needs that will take care of you when you start out like no one else. You will have far less in the way of confusion or complaints when you use them for your crypto trading needs and you will love that their client portal is so useful and easy to navigate. There are better brokers for trading in other kinds of currencies, but this is a great choice for people who want to get started with Bitcoin without a ton of hassle.

Be sure that you look into this broker if you are thinking seriously about investing in bitcoin and you want to be able to do so at a low starting cost.

Pros and Cons of eToro

Pros Cons
 Low minimum  Only able to get in 41 US states
 15 cryptos  US customers are only able to trade crypto
 Great client portal  Has had some issues in the past with regulation



2. AvaTrade – Best cTrader Broker for Fun and Easy Trading

AvaTrade website June 22

This is a great broker if you want to trade in numerous markets and currencies. This is a company that has been around since 2006. This is another great choice for bitcoin trading and you will find that you have access to all kinds of financial services and investment asset classes with this broker.

They have offices in the UK, US, and Ireland, as well as locations around the world. The EU regulates them through the Central Bank of Ireland and they are secured by ASIC in Australia. UK trading is secured by the Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission.

Their recent option addition called AvaOptions is a trading platform that allows you to sell and buy vanilla currency options. They have also added options that allow you to execute complex investing and hedging strategies for more experienced traders.

The strongest markets for this broker are in the EU, the Middle East, and Asia. It is not available in the US for trading. You will be able to access most of the trading that you need through cTrader but they do also work with MT4 for some of their trading options. The platform for the client portal is nice and works really well.

Being able to access more than just good bitcoin trading options with this broker is a really nice added benefit. You should be aware that you will be paying a commission based on the bid-ask spread of the commodity. This can make your commission and fees vary widely based on unique considerations per each transaction. The only major downside of this broker is that the US is excluded.

Maximum leverage 1:400
Stop Out Level 50%
Spreads Bid-ask spread
Asset Classes CFDs, Forex, Crypto
Trading Commissions Paid per spreads
Account Currencies USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD
Minimum Deposit $100
Total Number of Trading Pairs 50


This is a great cTrader for people who want to have a little fun diversifying their portfolio and who are willing to work with a variable commission spread. You will find that you have great access to a lot of different commodities as well as a cryptocurrency with this broker and you will enjoy an easy-to-use portal for your client needs.

Their customer support is good enough to help you with issues that you might run into and you will be able to get started readily for a fairly low cost for your minimum account opening total. The trading pairs could be higher, and it would be nice if the US was not exempt, but you will find that there is nothing else to complain about here.

Pros and Cons of AvaTrade

Pros Cons
 Account access easy  US citizens exempt
 Research tools are excellent  Limited to CFDs Forex and Cryptos
 Free deposit and withdrawal options  Forex fees high


3. – Best cTrader Broker for Simple Trading review

This is a great choice to make if you want access to 4,000 markets as well as cryptocurrency and more. This is a great choice for a stable company that makes trading easy and enjoyable for everyone. This trader has not been around for very long, having been opened in 2016, but it is located in the UK, Cyprus, Gibraltar, and Belarus.

The broker lets you trade on 3,700 + assets and you will have access to crypto as well. This means that you will get a great spread of options to work with as well as an affordable means to trade them. The customer support here is excellent but you will find that you might miss some price alert options that would be nice to have access to.

You will not be able to trade in smaller account currencies, but that is not always a stumbling block for this kind of broker. That is more of an issue if you have larger goals for your investing.

It only takes a day to open an account and you can use the electronic wallet for your deposit needs. You can also deposit with a bank card which is nice. You will only need $20 to deposit into your account and your withdrawal fees will be $0.

Another great benefit of this broker is that you will not be charged any inactivity fees, which can be great when you are new at this and you might have to take a few breaks along the way to adjust your planning and find your stride.

Maximum leverage 1:50
Stop Out Level 50%
Spreads From 0.7 pips
Asset Classes Forex, CFD, Crypto
Trading Commissions $0
Account Currencies USD, EUR, GBP, PLN
Minimum Deposit $20
Total Number of Trading Pairs 30


This is a stable broker to work with that offers a lot of really great features that make trading with them a piece of cake. You will miss a few of the features that you might get from having a wider spread of countries to trade with, but the commissions are amazing and the cryptocurrency options are very good. You will have access to 202 cryptocurrencies which is an amazing amount for any broker to offer.

With 31 commodities on offer as well as 138 Forex, there is no shortage of things to love about this broker. You will have a hard time finding a better option that is this easy to work with and that offers such a commanding set of crypto options along with low fees.

The broker makes it clear that their CFD options are very good as well and they explain that they are a leveraged product so you will only need to deposit a fraction of the total amount to be able to trade with greater value across many financial markets. The education options that are present on just the informational landing pages alone make this a really good choice for people of all experience levels to get added value from this broker.

Pros and Cons of

Pros Cons
 Low Forex and CFD fees  Lacking price alerts
 Easy to Open an account  Small currencies are not an option
 Lots of Crypto Options  Limited product portfolio



4. Fineco Bank – Best cTrader Broker for Unblemished Reputation and Reliability

This is one of the best brokers that you could elect to work with. Backed and regulated by the Bank of Italy and also regulated by the UK’s FCA and the Prudential Regulation Authority, this is a secure and reputable entity that you will have great luck with.

The banking license that this broker owns offers unparalleled security and legitimacy. They are also traded on the Italian stock exchange as Borsa Italiana. The service they offer for the UK and Italian customers have different fees and some different services, but nothing that makes the use of their brokerage a difficulty for those not in Italy.

The long track record and overall conservative approach of this broker offers impressive value to working with them for your cTrader needs. You will find low non-trading fees and no fees for the inactivity here as well as no fees for deposit and withdrawal. The mobile trading platform is amazing and you will love the bank scores that are high on safety.

The big downside to this option is that you can only do a bank transfer for deposits which can be really limiting for some users. This is still such a stable and reputable entity that it seems foolish not to try and work with this one inconvenience for such affordable and easy trading of commodities. There is nothing that is more beneficial to your overall trading experience than good regulation and this option offers all of that anymore.

Maximum leverage 1:100
Stop out level USA, EU, UK for AUS company and USA, Belgium in UK
Spreads N/A
Asset Classes EFTs, Funds, Bonds, Forex, CFDs, Banking
Trading Commissions Varies
Account Currencies AUD, CAD, GBP, and more
Minimum Deposit 0
Total Number of Trading Pairs 26


This is a really great choice to make for those who love a stable partner in their broker. You will be able to trade in lots of currencies and the fees and other costs associated with your account will be low. The big negative is not being able to use a bank account or bank card for your deposits into your account. You will be able to soften the blow of this disappointment when you realize that you can invest in popular stocks like Apple and Amazon when you work with Fineco.

They have an easy account opening process and low fees to match their really great mobile app. It can be hoped that their help functions will improve over time and that they will work on the issue of the deposit so that you do not have to work so hard to get money into the mix and start trading.

Banking is a very conservative industry and you will find that there are mostly pros to working with this industry for your investing needs. You will only have to work with a few small considerations like the slower transaction times and the deposit issue.

Pros and Cons of Fineco Bank

Pros Cons
 Low fees  Bank transfer only for deposit
 Solid reputation  Help tools are limited
 Mobile app excellent  Analysis tools limited


Or visit Fineco bank >

5. Libertex – Best cTrader Broker for Affordable and Effective Trading


This is another really reliable choice to make if you want to have a great app that will guide you through the account opening process and a really great demo account that you can use to get started. You will be able to see a lot of really useful analytical information in this app and on the site and that can help you to trade more effectively with this broker.5. Libertex – Best cTrader Broker for Affordable and Effective Trading

This is a great choice to make because Libertex has been around since 1997 and is part of the Libertex Group. It serves over 2.2 million clients across 11 different countries. The trading platform is excellent and fast execution times are just part of the process with this broker. This is the most user-friendly option on the list and you will get access to lots of amazing trading options as well as cryptocurrencies.

If you want to be able to trade in crypto as well as oil/gas and metals and other kinds of assets, this is the right choice for you to make. You might find that the instruments that are an option for you can vary by your location rather greatly.

You can make deposits in so many ways with this broker that it is easier to say that there are really no limits to the ways that you can deposit money into your account. The payments and transactions that you make will be processed almost immediately as well.

Maximum leverage 1:30
Withdrawal fees none
Spreads none
Asset Classes Stocks, crypto, metals, indices, agricultural, oil/gas
Trading Commissions 0.47%-2.5%
Account Currencies USD, EUR, GBP, PLN
Minimum Deposit $100
Total Number of Trading Pairs 50


This is an excellent choice to make for those who want to be able to work with more than one kind of commodity and have a really great experience while doing so. Being able to trade crypto as well as agricultural and other kinds of commodities is a really nice benefit. You will also have low fees overall and it is very affordable to open an account

The trading pairs could be higher, but you will have access to a really great client portal and some very effective analysis tools that will make your investment that much easier on a daily basis. There are not many negative things to be said about this broker and it offers up the most well-rounded options out of every other option on this list.

The lack of hidden costs is a huge benefit to this choice and you will have access to a large range of trading options right off the bat which makes this a great choice for any level of experience. The mobile app is the best on offer on this list as well, making this a great on-the-go choice for those who are away from home and need to manage their investments from time to time on a phone or tablet.

Pros and Cons of Libertex

Pros Cons
 Great interface  Education section limited
 Quality broker  Charges for some deposit types
 Quick deposit and withdrawal methods  Less trading pairs than might be ideal



cTrader Fees Brokers in USA Compared

A comparison of fees is a great way to see the difference between the various brokers. This might not be the best way to compare in some cases, but it can give you a great breakdown of fees if that is the most important factor for your decision.

eToro 0.75% to 5%
AvaTrade Free or bid-spread 0
Fineco none
Libertex none


cTrader Brokers – All You Need to Know

All 5 of these cTraders brokers are great choices to work with for different reasons. You want to be sure that you think about various factors when choosing the right broker for your needs. These factors matter for any broker decision that you make, even if it is not any of these.

Check on Regulation

Regulated brokers are always better to work with than unregulated ones. This is one of the main research points that you should look into before you choose a trading platform. There is nothing worse than working with unregulated trades and having issues with fees and other kinds of investment struggles. Your money needs to be safe when you invest it with a broker.

Know About Pairs

Currency pairs compare the value of two currencies via a numerator/denominator relationship. EUR is often the base currency and USD is the quoted currency. These can also be displayed as a flipped-over version which shows the USD/EUR comparison.

Pips and profits

A pip is a percentage of points. This is a price increment that is used to calculate the number of pips that are lost after the position is closed. The difference between the price sell and bid price is called the spread. This can be affected by the lot size that is chosen by forex. Margins are set to help you to see the trade size in comparison to your account balance.

Order Entry Types

Order types are the minimum requirement for any broker. You could get a market order that is filled immediately at the best available price. A stop order lets you buy or sell at the chosen entry price. A limit order will let you sell at the entry price or better. Stop-Limit orders can be bought or sold at the stop price. There are other choices, but these are the most common.

Key Factors to Choose the Best cTrader Broker for You

If you are ready to choose the right cTrader for your needs based on the factors that we discussed before. You are ready to start thinking about getting a cTrader broker. You will need to know about the deposit amount and the fees and you will want to make sure that you understand whether or not you can trade on your chosen cTrader.

Not many people are aware that you might not be able to trade with some of them if you are not located in some countries.  You should also see if you have access to training and other features that will help you to learn to use your chosen broker. You might also want to be sure that you find out about the parameters of all of your trades and other features for your deposits and other transactions as well.

Step by Step Guide on Starting with a cTrader Broker – An eToro Guide

You will need to make sure that you have the app or that you are using the website to get yourself started. Each broker has its own branded cTrader platform so you might want to check out a demo before you commit. You can log in with Facebook or email and these will be your login credentials for your new account with cTrader.

Step 1: Open Account

eToro Signup

Open your account with Facebook credentials or your email. This will become your login information for your account from this point onward. It can be tough to change your credentials after the fact, so you want to be sure that you are happy with your credentials when choosing between Facebook and email.


Select your desired broker when you log in and make sure that you have your preferences set the way that you want them to be. You can use the live demo option if you want to play with the options before you commit. These demos do not all last for the same amount of time, so you will need to be aware of the timeframe that is involved before you choose to start one.

If you are not sure what you think about a certain broker, the demo can be a great tool. If you are only going to be using it for a few days, you will not need to care about the timeframes, but some brokers are going to let you have 90 days to decide if you want to stick with them.

Step 2: Verify your ID

eToro verify
You will be asked to identify yourself via the use of a submitted photo ID. This can usually be done through a live chat function, but you might also need to submit your ID via a secure email arrangement. This is important to pair your ID online with your bank accounts and other personal information.

Verification of ID is important for almost any online presence that you might have to commit to these days. Whether you are working online as a contractor or you are trying to make sure that your trading account is legitimate, you will need to take care of this part of the process toward the beginning of the account opening steps.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

Deposit Funds

Navigate to the main menu and tap deposit. You can do the work from here since your account will be linked to your bank account. This makes things really easy for you whenever you want to deposit, withdraw and do other services. You will always have to make the minimum deposit and you should know what that amount is before you commit to a broker.

You can always invest more than this amount, but you might want to start out with the minimum amount to see if you like the platform and what it can offer to you. Jumping in with both feet can be great if you are an experienced trader, but you might want to take it easy at first if you are not. There is no need to commit a bunch of money to this endeavor and then pay fees to get it back out if you are not satisfied.

Slow and steady wins the race in many instances with this kind of trading.

Step 4: Search for different markets

There are many widgets and lists that allow you to look at different markets and figure out which markets you need to be working with and looking at. The trade watch center and active symbol panel can help you with many of the functions of your account.

You should make sure that you are aware of the pros and cons of the markets that you are looking into. They might have various benefits to you but could also have big detractions. These factors can make or break your overall experience with this kind of trading, so you need to know a bit about the markets that you are working with before you jump into the trading process.

Not all of these brokers will offer you the same markets that you can work with, so you need to know about this part of the specs of any of the brokers that you want to work with. You can see all of this information clearly in cTrader from the start, which is very helpful when you are in the decision-making stage.

Step 5: Trade

How to Buy Cryptocurrency South Africa – All You Need To Know

CTrader lets you use various options for order placing. You can open, close, and modify orders in the QuickTrade mode. This can help you with fast-moving markets. There are various order kinds and you will be able to use them all for your trading options in most cases.

Trading is as much about watching the market and having good timing as it is about the experience. You will need to work with the tools and educational items that are offered by the brokers that you are working with if you need a little help getting started. Always assume that there is something to learn before you start making trades.

Being prepared to manage and work with your trades can lead to the overall success that will make the process of using cTrader that much more enjoyable. It is never any fun to feel like you are floundering around trying to get started. Thankfully, most traders offer up great training and tutorials for you to learn about the process if you need help as you get started.

Best cTrader Brokers – Our Expert Conclusion

Libertex is the best option for the overall trading needs of any experience-level trader. It offers a great client zone and all of the necessary features for your needs. You will enjoy the process of working with them and you will have access to great trading options with great fees.

This is the best-supported and easiest-to-use of the options on our list with great customer support that will take care of your self-education needs. You will be able to use these options if you are new to trading or experienced and you will get great results every time.

You should not have to worry about whether or not a trader or broker is worth your time and Libertex has proven itself to be well worth the effort for your investment. We like working with them and we know that everyone else will too. They are a great, solid choice that offers so many benefits that it is really easy to use them for your investment needs.

Being able to hit the ground running is the biggest benefit of working with Libertex for all of your cTrader needs. You will have more preparation and workaround time into most of the other options out there and this broker has the best reputation of any on our list.

Top cTrader Brokers Platform: eToro

Our score10
  • Buy over 800 stocks with 0% commission
  • Social trading network
  • Copy over 12 million traders and investors
0% Commissionstart TradingOur score 10


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