Suntrust Online Banking


Suntrust Online Banking is offering its customers with a new and advanced system of banking products and services so that they could shop for their banking facilities from a single point and that is the Online route of service provision.

Now, what are the advantages of Suntrust Online Banking?

A customer could access all the details of his personal account or accounts. This online facility can be availed from anywhere provided the person concerned has a personal computer with proper Internet connection.

The products and services associated with it are viewing account details, Online any time payment of various bills. The secured and timely payment of these bills are also guaranteed by the Suntrust Online Banking. The customers can also experience the customized and personalized services provided by the Suntrust Bank through the Online channels.

All the above mentioned advantages has made it possible for the account holders to manage their finances in a more efficient manner. This gives the customer that extra sought after mileage in getting the required control over the expenditures and overall finances.

This Online route accelerates the pace for accessing the banking products and services. This process is also easier to get hold of and makes banking a hassle-free affair. The most important aspect of Online banking is the security of the personal information of the account holders supplied in the process of Online banking.

Characteristic Features of Suntrust Online Banking :-

  • The best way to have a control on the personal finances is through Online banking. It is most helpful in the sense that the customers could access the various accounts from a single point. Thus, it becomes hassle free and convenient to use. The most significant aspect of Suntrust Online Banking is that the services can be accessed at any point of the entire day and all round the year. The customer could view his account details and could also give instruction for the bills at any time according to his convenience.
  • Payment of the bills are a hectic job for the busy persons. Bill payment eats into the valuable time and energy of the person. Suntrust Online Banking helps the customers to exploit the banking services to pay all the bills. This not only is easy to perform but also quick and hassle free. This service is provided free of cost to the customers by the Suntrust Bank. Through this Online service one could both pay and receive their bills. Now, what are the different advantages for availing the bills ?
    • The account holder will be entitled to receive the bills through the online channel. This can be viewed by the same instantaneously and he could also make the payment of the required sum at any time in accordance to his convenience.
    • Customers are also privileged in setting up the recurring payments which surface every month on a regular basis.
    • This bill payment facility is not restricted to a typical region of the United States Of America, but to the entire country. The bill payment can be done to any place within the boundary of USA.
    • The bills can be accessed or received by the customer through online and is commonly known as electronic bills or e-bills.
    • Payments which have been scheduled can also be viewed by the account holders through Suntrust Online Banking.
    • Earlier it was very tough job to give a glance to the bill payment of the past. But from the inception of the online banking, the payment history of the bills can be viewed by the customer for the period of the last 6 months.

  • Accounts for the credit cards can also be accessed by the account holders. They are entitled to perform the following practices through the Online services :-
    • The account holders of the credit cards can access all the informations regarding the balances available in the same. They are also entitled to see the historical transaction reviews along with the detailed informations of the account.
    • The customers can also make the payments of the outstanding debts through Suntrust Online Banking.
    • The customers are able to request for the cash advances from the credit card company by exploiting the Online channels.
    • The monthly or regular statements of the credit card can be observed by the account holder by the help of Internet.
    • The account meant for the credit card needs to be serviced on a regular basis. This activity can be done by the customer through the online route.

  • Suntrust accounts can be managed in an efficient way through online channels. What are the facilities associated with this account management service? Let us see:-
    • The accounts of the account holders can be accessed by the concerned individuals all round the clock. Not only this, the Suntrust Online Banking gives extra mileage to its customers through the facility that they could borrow the money from their account at any time of the day and from all over the globe.
    • All the minute details of all the transactions can be viewed by the customer through the Online website. The transaction etails are not only the present ones but also include the historical ones. There are many transactions which are scheduled to take place but are pending to be made. These still to be made transactions can also be viewed by the accoun holers. All the details regarding the informations of the account can be observed by the account holder.
    • There are two accounts of Suntrust Online Banking, namely money market account and/or checking account, through the help of which an account holder can square off the outstanding debt of his unpaid loans. The requests regarding this can also be forwarded through this Online channel.

  • Fund transfer can be done by the account holders within the different accounts of the Suntrust Online Banking. The different accounts available in the bank includes savings account, checking account and account meant for the money market. Hence the customers of the bank can transfer the funds in their accounts from one to the other through the online route.
    • The customized service regarding the transfer of fund is available to the account holders of the Suntrust bank. This is done through the scheduling of the fund transfers of various types. This scheduling may be for the immediate ones or may be in a date of the future. The payments which are of the form of recurring type can also be made through the fund transfer mechanism. These recuuring type transfer of funds can also be pre-scheduled.
    • All the above mentioned transfer of funds of the scheduled type can be viewed by the account holder by logging on to the official website of Suntrust Online Banking. These transfers are not only the present ones but can also of the historical types. The past transfer of funds can also be viewed by the customers.

  • Account holders of the accounts of Suntrust Online Banking can now on be able to monitor their respective accounts in a more efficient manner. This monitoring service facility can be availed by the customer with no extra charge and is a free service. So, let us explore the various ways attached with the free service of monitoring of the respective accounts. And they are :-
    • The alerts regarding the payment position of any type attract alerts from the Suntrust Online Banking. These alerts are sent to he respective account holders through the medium of e-mail.
    • The alerts can be availed by the customers on daily basis. This alerts are generated online for informing the same about the balance available in the account.
    • Alerts are also generated and sent to the account holder when ever the balance in the current account become negative.
    • Customers also have the facility of setting the alerts in accordance with the balance availability. A benchmark level of the balance in the account of the account holder can be set by the same. Whenever the balance in his or her account starts to increase then an alert is generated Online to inform the customer about the same. In case of the reverse condition too, the alerts are generated.

  • Suntrust Online Banking also provides its customers with the Do It For Yourself facility. What is this? And what the advantages of the same? Let us explore.
    • The customers have the facility of updating the personal informations regarding the contact details. In addition to this, he could also make updation of the informations related to the security of his account. This facility is a easy process.
    • The statements regarding the deposit account can be viewed by the account holders for the last one and half year.
    • The images of the canceled checks of the customers can be viewed by him at any point of time. The canceled checks are the checks which through which the transactions are already been made.
    • Suntrust Online Banking also gives its customers the service of reordering the checks through the Online medium.
    • The bank facilitates its account holders by which they are entitled in receiving or sending the messages in a secured way to and from he Suntrust Online Banking.

  • The home page of the customer's Online account can be structured by the account holder himself in accordance with his personal requirements and preferences. In addition to all the detailed informations of the bank, the Suntrust Online Banking provides its customers with the additional attributes namely, news, weather and informations on the latest developments of the selected stocks.
    • The news informations could include the latest updated informations on
    • politics,
    • updates on international relations,
    • all the available latest developments in the field of business,
    • sports and associated news,
    • entertainment issues from various fields,
    • informations and latest news on the health related issues

  • The news related to the weather of the local area can also be set in the web page of the customer. In this page, one can also get the informations on the weather forecasts of the coming five days.
  • The informations on the stock market can be set in the web page. The web page can be customized to include the various updates on the movement of the price of the various selected stocks. The different informations on the stock that can be availed by the customer includes :-
    • Name of the company and the corresponding bid/ask prices.
    • The symbol of the selected companies can also be downloaded in the form of ticker which gives a continuous view of the same.

Bill Payment facility provided by Suntrust Online Banking
The most significant advantage provided by the Suntrust Online Banking is the bill payment facility that can be materialized through the click of the mouse. This Online bill payment process is not only hassle free but also cost saving. The late fees, and the associated costs related to buying of checks, envelopes and stamps. The bills which are paid through this channel are made at the right time and at the right place without any security breach. In fact it has been observed that the the paper bills are more exposed to theft or misplacing. In case of the online bill payment, the Suntrust Online Banking provides its customers with the latest and advanced technologies for prevention of the identity and the personal information theft.

In order to avail the bill payment through Online route, the account holder has to register himself for the same in the designated website. This enrolling is a must for availing the service of the same if the customer is not yet enrolled with the Suntrust Online Banking. For them they have to sign up through the Online channel for getting hold of the online bill payment service.

Through this Online bill payment facility the customer can do he following activities :-

  • The bills that have to be paid can be managed by the customer through a single screen. This helps them to easily access the bill payment particulars from any point of time and from any any convenient computer.
  • The customers are given the liberty by the Suntrust Online Banking for paying that much amount of money that he or she is interested to pay. The account holder can also choose the date on which the requisite payment would be forwarded by the bank. The instruction for the date of delivery of the bill can also be scheduled on the same day or the next day of the instruction.
  • The bill payment to either individuals or the businessmen can be done through this Online route, provided he or she resides in the boundaries of the United States Of America. It is not mandatory or required for the other party, who is receiving the bill amount, to have an access to the Online channel of banking.
  • In case of the Suntrust Online Banking if a person opts for the Online bill payment facility then it does not mean that the concerned person would not be able to pay the same through the paper checks. In fact, after the enrollment for paying the bills through the online route, the customer is entitled to pay off the bill in both he channels, namely, online bill payment facility and the bill payment through the checks in the paper format.
  • The money remains in the account of the account holder till the payment has been made. The payments are made at the right time because the customer can set the timing for the monthly or regular payment. So, in case of Suntrust Online Banking there is least chance of any type of the payment miss or any additional late payment charges. So, what are the things that a customer can do? The various activities include :-
    • The customers can schedule the payments of the bill of various nature such as One time payment or the recurring payment.
    • The account holders could review their history of the payment particulars for he period of the last six months
    • The status of the bill payment can be checked by the account holder at any point of time.
    • After the scheduled payment has been done, the account holder is entitled to receive a number known as the Confirmation Number which is a symbol thet the payment has already been processed and done.

  • A special guarantee is given to the payment of the bill. This makes the bill payment more accurate in terms of time and the destination. The payments are guaranteed to reach the destined places at the right time. This payment will be materialized at that time only when the scheduled time is set by the customer. If there is any type of late payment then the charges and fees associated with it are liable to be paid by the Suntrust Online Banking.
  • Now, the schedule of the bill payment enrollment for various time frames are given in the following manner :-
    • If the enrollment for the bill payment is done before 12 am of Saturday or Sunday or Monday then the service will be materialized on Tuesday before 8 O'Clock in the morning.
    • If the enrollment for the bill payment is done before 12 am of Tuesday then the service will be materialized before 8 O'Clock in the morning on Wednasda before 8 O'Clock in the morning.
    • If the enrollment for the bill payment is done before 12 am of Wednesday then the service will be materialized before 8 O'Clock in the morning on Thursday before 8 O'Clock in the morning.
    • If the enrollment for the bill payment is done before 12 am of Thursday then the service will be materialized before 8 O'Clock in the morning on Friday before 8 O'Clock in the morning.
    • If the enrollment for the bill payment is done before 12 am of Friday then the service will be materialized before 8 O'Clock in the morning on Saturday before 8 O'Clock in the morning.

  • The security given to the personal informations of the customer by the Suntrust Online Banking is phenomenal. This protection is ensured by them through multiple layers of security measures which include
    • 128 bit encryption system which ensures that the personal informations can't be decoded during he transmission of the data.
    • Protection ensured through installation of firewall in the personal computer through which the customer is getting access to his or her personal account.
    • The validity of the password is carried out.
    • In case the customer does not access his account page for some time after opening the same then the page logs out automatically.
    • Suntrust Online Banking provides its customers with the guarantee protection to the respective account. Even if there is any kind of security breach and there takes place any kind of unauthorized transaction, then the customer is entitled to receive the siphoned off amount from the bank itself.

Some of the unique features associated with the online bill payment services of Suntrust Online Banking are as follows :-

  • The account holders who have enrolled for accessing such a service have the facility of adding up new billers to the list of already registered billers (some regular and some occasional). The customers have two ways in identifying the biller and those are :-
    • by the category of name of the company
    • by the category of phone number
  • The payments which are pending can be changed by the account holder at any point of time and from anywhere.
  • The alerts are generated Online and sent to the account holder through the e-mail on two most important situation namely,
    • when the date of payment is coming closer
    • when the payment of the bill has already been made

This is a special facility provided by the Suntrust Online Banking to its customers in order to inform them about the forthcoming bill payment schedule. The alerts are also generated to the customers when the bill payment process is over. This is done in order to confirm the bill payment to the customer which acts as a receipt for them.

The credit card accounts can also be viewed by the customers of Suntrust Online Banking. What are the facilities they are entitled to receive? They can not only view the history of transactions that has taken place in the credit card account but also the informations in the account and the balances in the same. The account holders can also pay the requisite amount of the credit card through the Online payment facility. The statements associated with the transactions in the credit account can be viewed by the customers. They can also request for any cash advances from the concerned credit card company through Suntrust Online Banking.