Huntington Online Banking


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Huntington Online Banking is rated as one of the most secured and guaranteed online services provided online. A research company named Watchfire GomezPro, which provides its research through Internet, has prepared a list of banks providing the best online banking services. According to it, the ranking of Huntington Online Banking in this category is fifth.

Huntington Online Banking provides a wide array of banking services such as

  • Checking of the available balances on a real time basis
  • Facility of transferring funds through online services
  • Bills could be paid by utilizing the online services
  • Reordering of checks through online services
  • Imaging of checks through online services

    One of the most sought after online service provided by Huntington Online Banking is CheckVision Drives System. This system allows imaging a check through online services and also helps in delivering the same through the Internet. The customers can make certain payments through this online imaging service of Huntington Online Banking. After the completion of withdrawal of the monetary amount from the customer's account, an image of the canceled check gets posted on the website of the company and remains there for the coming two months.

    Huntington Online Banking utilizes the services of the Enterprise Transaction Architecture (ETA) offered by CSC. This ETA tool helps the bank in :-

    • processing the payments of its revered clients
    • detect any fraudulent practices
    • providing archive applications

    This CheckVision service offered by Huntington Online Banking is going gaga among the customers of the bank. All the banking offices of the Huntington Online Banking are supplied with this facility so that the representatives dealing with the customer service get access to the images of the check as soon as possible. The response of the customers right from the launching of this service was tremendously good with more than fifty thousand consumers logged on to the site of Huntington Online Banking within 14 days of its launching.

    Huntington Online Banking gives guarantee to its customers on online security of the accounts. They give their words to their revered clients that if any monetary amount is deducted from the customer's account without any prior authorization then the company would be liable to replace the requisite fund in the proper account number. Only one provision attached to this is timely reporting by that particular client to the bank.

    In addition to this, Huntington Online Banking is committed in making the payments on a timely basis for the clients. If, for any reason, a late fee is charged on the customer then the bank would take all the necessary steps in materializing the payments on a timely basis and paying off the same.

    Some of the very important tips given by Huntington Online Banking to the customers for keeping their account secure are :-

    • The customer utilizing the Huntington Online Banking needs to follow the rules mentioned below :-
    • A customer should never share the user name and password alloted to or chosen by him with anyone else
    • A customer should always go for the statements generated online and avoid the paper statements because the statements in the paper format are liable to theft from the respective mailboxes of the concerned individual
    • A customer should check their respective customer accounts on a regular basis and need to report immediately to the bank authority in case of any suspicious activity
    • Personal computers of the customer, from which the customer accesses the Huntington Online Banking account, need to install anti-virus and firewall softwares for protecting the same from any possible Internet related theft. In addition to this, the customer should update their anti-virus softwares on a regular basis so that no virus would be able to siphon off the secret informations out of the PC.
    • In case, the customer is accessing his/her Huntington Online Banking account from a cyber cafe then he/she should turn-off the browser after logging out of the bank account in order to keep his account ID and password secure.
    • The Internet browser should be an updated one
    • If any discrepancy is observed by the customer relating to his/her account then he/she must inform the Huntington Online Banking at the earliest either through calling or through writing and snail mailing or through e-mailing.The customer could call the Huntington Online Banking between 7am and 10pm on weekdays and between 8am and 5pm on weekends on the toll-free number 1-800-480-BANK.

    The customer can also snail mail to Huntington Online Banking to the address Huntington Customer Service Center (EA5C42) P.O.Box 1558, Columbus, OH 43216.