Ministry Of Agriculture Ontario



Ministry of agriculture Ontario is mainly concerned with activities like advisory services, farm laws, financing, agricultural skill services, farm labor, planning, trading etc. Some prominent services of ministry of agriculture Ontario include enacting policies, setting up irrigation schemes, etc. Ministry of agriculture Ontario also handles the trading activities with other countries.

Prominent activities of minister of agriculture Ontario

Some of the prominent activities of ministry of agriculture Ontario include managing agricultural business, managing the use of agricultural land, dealing with crop production strategies, drainage systems, agricultural engineering works, environmental management, livestock management, preparing guidelines to protect farmers, nutrient management, and promoting agro-food innovation programmes.

Agricultural trading management: Ministry of agriculture Ontario sets up programmes and strategies to make business transactions with foreign countries. They also arrange business agreements and formulates laws and taxation to control agricultural activities. Some other activities of agricultural trading management include formulating farm law, utilizing and optimizing human resources, organizing seminars and exhibitions etc.

Engineering management: This section deals with the development and improvement of food productivity to meet the human needs. This section concerned with designing improved tools to conveniently and efficiently harvest the crops. The other major function of department of ministry of agriculture Ontario is to manage water supply through irrigation systems.

Irrigation management: This department of ministry of agriculture Ontario deals with supplying and distributing water by way of ditches, pipes, and other related engineering equipments.

Nutrient Management: Nutrient management deals with handling and supervising the amount, kind, and timing of application of nutrients to plants for getting maximum crop yields. This section also handles the availability of resources, certification and training, financial support for carrying off nutrient management and setting up regulations etc.

Managing the use of agricultural land: The are area of fertile land is limited and that is why ministry of agriculture Ontario sets up some strategies to optimally use those land for agricultural purposes. Some factors responsible behind the management of using agricultural land include effective drainage system, soils resource etc.