California Agriculture


California Agriculture holds the first place in Agricultural Production among all the states of America. This position is not result of any one time success. California Agriculture has been successful in holding the place for last 50 years. California Agriculture provides more than half of the whole America's produce of Fruits , Vegetables and Nuts.

There is such a huge number of Agricultural Farms in California that they sum up to one third of total land of California. These farms' average size is 347 acres. Though this size is less than the national average Farm Size of America, many Agricultural Farms of California holds the unique feature of Specialty Crop Production.

California Agriculture has built its strength on the basis of the agricultural produces like almonds,lettuce,tomatoes, grapes and strawberries. Other than these vegetables and fruits, in agricultural production of which California Agriculture excels all other states, other 350 types of crops are also produced by farmers of California. Among these 350 types, Olives, Pomegranates, Raisins and Walnuts claim special mentioning as these are produced for commercial purpose only in the state of California.

Other than these fruits and nuts, California Agriculture also produces some vegetables through out the year. Cabbage, Potatoes,Carrots, Spinach, Broccoli, Squash these vegetables are grown in California all the year round. This Year Round Production has been possible in California Agriculture due to the Moderate Climate and Fertile Soil of California. The fertile soil of California is actually available in more than 1688 types. This is so because California has not only mountains and valleys but also coastal areas and deserts.

About 97% of the agricultural farms of California are family owned. Some of these are operated on partnership basis and some are operated as proprietorships. But, the most important thing is that California Agriculture generates more than a million jobs in the state of California. From this single fact, it can be readily understood that how much importance California Agriculture holds for the overall Economic Growth of the state.