Abrdn Makes Strategic Investment In Securities Exchange Archax

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Abrdn has announced the acquisition of a stake in Archax, making the company its largest external shareholder. Archax is the first regulated digital securities exchange in the UK. The company was established to facilitate institutional investors who want to enter into blockchain-based digital assets business.

It was launched in 2019 and has regulatory approval from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). One of the aims of the partnership is to enhance the adoption of blockchain technology in the financial sector.

“Blockchain technologies are inevitably going to form a big part of the future of financial markets,” says Chief Executive Officer of Abrdn, Stephen Bird.

Both Companies Plan To Improve Efficiency

With the collaboration, both companies now have a high potential to offer improved transparency, lesser trading friction, and greater transaction speed.

Archax has shown that it is one of the top players in digital and tokenized securities, the next expected high-growth area in finance. Apart from cryptocurrencies, which have been receiving obvious attention, other sections in the industry like DeFi tokenized securities, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have received serious attention.

Bird noted that Archax will be bringing a reasonable footprint in the fast-developing market. He expects the market to evolve in a variety of ways that will promote the firm’s core businesses.

More Opportunities For Partnership Will Be Created

Apart from creating opportunities for notable financial benefits, the investment also provides opportunities for partnership with some of the top players in the industry. Bird added that blockchain technology will be playing a major role in the future of finance. As a result, it’s important to create collaborations with people and organizations in the industry.

Chief Executive Officer of Archax, Graham Rodford, also commented on the development. He noted that institutional adoption of blockchain technology has surged rapidly over the past few years. While the crypto market winter has impacted the growth in the industry, investors and organizations are still showing massive interest in the digital asset space.

He noted that the partnership with Abrdn is a massive boost for the company’s continuous growth. Rodford added that Archax is looking forward to the partnership and the launch of innovative tokenized products in the market.


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