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Demography And Social Indicators

Pennsylvania is middle Atlantic state of the United States. The state is bordered by New Jersey, West Virginia, Ohio, and Lake Erie and New York.

The state has a total geographical area of 46,055 sq mi; with a land area of 44,817 sq mi; and total acres forested 16.9 mil.

Pennsylvania is one of the leading steel producers in the United States. The state's economy gets more revenues from the steel industries.

Demography And Social Indicators
According to the US Census Bureau, the total estimated population of the state in 2005 is 12,429,616 in comparison to 12,406,292 in July 2004. The net change in the population of the state as of 2002-03 was 0.3%. The US Census 2000, has calculated the population of the state at 12,281,054.

The populatio density of the state is calculated at 275.9 per sq mi. With regards to the Racial Distribution 2000, White 85.4%; Black 10.0%; Asian 1.8%; Native American 0.1%.

Business and Economy of Pennsylvania
The Gross State Product of Pennsylvania in 2001 was $408.4 billion. The per capita personal income of the state in 2003 was $31,998.

Among the various sectors of the economy the Chief Industries include agribusiness, advanced manufacturing, health care, travel and tourism, depository institutions, bio technology, printing and publishing, research and consulting, trucking and ware housing, transportation by air, engineering and management and legal services.

Important Manufacturing goods of the state are fabricated metal products, industrial machinery and equipment, transportation equipment, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, lumber and wood products, stone, clay and glass products.
Major crops are corn, hay, mushrooms, apples, potatoes, winter wheat, oats, vegetables, tobacco, grapes and peaches.
Livestock (Jan 2004): 1.64 million Cattle/calves; 85,000 sheep/lambs; (Jan 2003): 1.1 million hogs/pigs; (Dec 2003): 29.4 mil chickens.
Energy Production In Pennsylvania
Electricity Production (est. 2003, kwh by source): Coal 15.9 bil; Petroleum 35 mil; Hydro electric 1.3 bil; Nuclear 12.6 bil.
Tourist Attraction Of Pennsylvania
The important tourist places of the state are as follows:

  • The important tourist attractions of the state are as follows;
  • Independence Natl. Historic Park, Philadelphia;
  • Franklin Institute Science Museum, Philadelphia;
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia;
  • Valley Forge Natl. Historic Park;
  • Gettysburg Natl. Military Park;
  • Pennsylvania Dutch Country;
  • Hershey;
  • Pocono Mts;
  • Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, Tioga County;
  • Laurel Highlands;
  • Falling Water, Mill Run;

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