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June 29, 2010US State Economiesby EconomyWatch


Demography And Social Indicators

The uniqueness of the Industrial sector, work force and Infrastructure has made the state a global technology hub. More of opportunities are opened for the state to redefine how economic development is accomplished. 

According to a report, Colorado economy ranks as the second most promising high-tech economy in United States, ahead of California and other traditional technology hubs. 

Social Indicators of Colorado Economy
The state owns a total geographical area of 104,094 sq mi. The total land area of the state is 103,718 sq mi and the total acres forested are 21.6 million. 

The total population of the state according to July 2004 was 4,601,403 in comparison to 4,550,688 in July 2003. The net change of the population in 2002-03 was 1.1%. 

The density of the population of the state is estimated at 43.9 per sq mi. 

In 2000 the racial distribution was: 82.8% white and 3.8% black in the total population. The rate of unemployment in the state was 6% in 2003. 

Business and Economy of Colorado 
The Gross state product was $ 173.8 billions in 2001. The per capita personal income of the state in 2003 was $ 34,283. 

Among the various sectors of the economy, the chief industries of the state include manufacturing, construction, government, tourism, agriculture, aerospace, and electronics equipments. 

Chief manufacturing products of the state include computer equipment and instruments, foods, machinery and aerospace products. 

Chief Crops of the state are corn, wheat, hay, sugar beets, barley, potatoes, apples, peaches, pears, dry edible beans, sorghum, onions, oats, sunflower and vegetables. 

The major livestock of the state in Jan, 2004: 2.4 mil. Cattle/calves; 360,000 sheep/lambs; Jan 2003: 770,000 hogs/pigs. 

Energy Production In Colorado
According to (est. 2003, kwh by source): Coal: 35.8 bil; Petroleum: 19 mil; Gas: 4.4 bil; Hydro electric: 946 mil; other: 58 mil.

Tourist Attraction Of Colorado

  • Rocky Mountain and Black canyon of the Gunnison natl. parks;
  • Aspen Ski resort;
  • Garden of the gods, Colorado springs;
  • Great sand dunes, dinosaur, and Colorado Natl Monuments;
  • Pikes peak and Mt. Evans highways;
  • Mesa verde Natl Park;
  • Burlington's old town;

Schools, colleges and Universities

  • The Center for Professional Development at the Art Institute of Colorado
  • American Inter Continental University Online
  • American Sentinel University - Online
  • The Art Institute Online
  • Blair Career College - Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Byrant and Stratton College - Online
  • Cambridge College - Aurora, Colorado
  • Capella University
  • College America - Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins
  • Colorado Technical University - Colorado Springs, Denver
  • Colorado Technical University - Online
  • Denver Career College
  • DeVry University - Colorado Springs, Denver, Colorado
  • Ellis College - Online
  • Everest College - Aurora and Denver, Colorado
  • Grantham University Online
  • Institute of Business and Medical Careers
  • ITT Technical Institute
  • ITT Technical Institute - Online
  • Jones International University Online
  • Kaplan University - Online School
  • Kennedy-Western University
  • National American University - Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Redstone Aviation - Denver
  • South University - Online
  • University of Phoenix - Denver, Colorado
  • University of Phoenix - Southern Colorado Campus
  • University of Phoenix Online
  • Westwood College of Technology - Denver North
  • Westwood College of Technology - Denver South
  • Westwood College of Technology - Online

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