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Demography And Social Indicators

Arizona Economy- it is a state in the Western United States. It is the second fastest growing state behind New Mexico. The state name has been originated from a combination of two words from the Papago Indian dialect of the Pima language, "Aleh" and "Zon" together meaning "little spring." The capital of Arizona is Phoenix.

Social Indicators and Arizona Economy
The state has a surface area of 113,998 square miles, and 0.32% of the surface area is covered by water. According to the US Census Bureau, the total population of the state in July 2004 was 5,743,834 in comparison to 5,580,811 in July 2003. The state experienced an estimated population growth of 8.8% between 2000 and 2003. The net change in the population in 2002-03 was calculated at 2.6%.

The density of the population in the state is calculated at 49.1 per sq mi.With regards to the racial distribution (2000): 75.5% white and 3.1% black.The rate of unemployment of the state was 5.6 % in the year 2003.

Business and Economy of Arizona
The economic product of the Arizona in 2003 was 182 billion dollars. The gross state product of Arizona in the 2001 was $ 160.7 billion. The per capita personal income of the state in the year 2003 was $ 26,838.

Among the various sectors of the economy the chief industries include Manufacturing, construction, tourism, mining and agriculture. The chief manufacturing goods include electronics, printing and publishing, foods, prim and fabric, metals, aircrafts and missiles and apparel.

Chief Crops of the state are cotton, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, sorghum, barley, corn, wheat and citrus fruits.Major live stocks (Jan 2004) of the state are 850,000 cattle/calves; 114,000 sheep/lambs.

Leading exports of the state are computers and electronic products, transportation equipment machinery, appliances and appliance parts.

Energy Production In Arizona
Electricity production (est 2003, kwh by source): coal 37.7 billion; petroleum 53 mil; gas 4.2 billion; hydroelectric 7.2 billion etc.
Tourist Attraction Of Arizona
The tourist attractions of the state are as follows:

  • The Grand Canyon;
  • Painted desert;
  • Petrified Forest Natl
  • London Bridge
  • Lake Havasu City
  • Biosphere 2
  • Monument; sedona
    Colleges, Schools and Universities In Arizona

    • Argosy University - Phoenix
    • American InterContinental University Online
    • American Sentinel University - Online
    • Arizona Culinary Institute - Scottsdale, Arizona
    • The Art Institute of Phoenix
    • The Art Institute Online
    • Byrant and Stratton College - Online
    • Capella University
    • Chaparral College - Tucson
    • College America - Flagstaff, Arizona
    • Collins College - Tempe, Arizona
    • DeVry University - Phoenix, Arizona
    • Ellis College - Online
    • Everest College - Phoenix, Arizona
    • Grantham University Online
    • High-Tech Institute - Phoenix, Arizona
    • ITT Technical Institute
    • ITT Technical Institute - Online
    • Jones International University Online
    • Kaplan University - Online School
    • Kennedy-Western University
    • Lamson College - Tempe, Arizona
    • Long Technical College - Phoenix, Arizona
    • Long Technical College - Phoenix East Valley
    • Scottsdale Culinary Institute - Scottsdale
    • South University - Online
    • University of Phoenix - Phoenix, Tucson
    • Tucson College - Tucson
    • University of Phoenix Online
    • Westwood College of Technology - Online
    • American College of Computer and Information Sciences
    • American Indian Coll of the Assemblies of God Inc
    • Arizona State University East
    • Arizona State University-Main Campus
    • Arizona State University-West
    • Embry Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott
    • Grand Canyon University
    • International Baptist College
    • International Institute of the Americas
    • International Institute of the Americas
    • International Institute of the Americas
    • International Institute of the Americas
    • Metropolitan College
    • Midwestern University
    • Northern Arizona University
    • Ottawa University-Phoenix
    • Prescott College
    • Southwest College of Naturopathic Med & Health Sci
    • Southwestern Conservative Baptist Bible College
    • Thunderbird-the American Grad Sch of Intrntl Mgt
    • University of Arizona

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