North Korea Export, Import and Trade

June 29, 2010North Koreaby EconomyWatch


North Korea trade of nuclear technologies

Latest reports on North Korea export, import and trade have revealed that this Asian country has exported its nuclear technologies.

It is being speculated in international levels that North Korea has exported uranium to countries such as Syria and Libya.

Sanctions on North Korea trade

United Nations has placed a number of sanctions on three companies in North Korea that have been providing support to developing missiles. United Nations has drawn up a list of things that now cannot be exported to and imported from North Korea. This list includes various technologies related to ballistic missiles.

Ministry of Environment’s ban on North Korea export of local species

Recent news on North Korea export, import and trade has revealed that Ministry of Environment in North Korea has placed bans on export of as many as 309 species of flowers that are exclusive only to North Korea. One such specie is syringe patula. Ministry has placed this ban in order to prevent exploiting these species commercially as a result of indiscriminate exporting.

North Korea export, import and trade goods

Normally major export items of North Korea are minerals, textiles, metallurgical products, agricultural and fishery products and manufactures, which includes armaments.

Prominent import categories of North Korea are petroleum, machinery and equipment, coking coal, textiles and grain.

North Korea import and export partners

Traditionally major export partner of North Korea has been South Korea. In 2007 South Korea accounted for 45 percent of goods and services exported by its northern brethren. At that same time another prominent export partner of North Korea, China, accounted for 35 percent of all goods and services exported. Thailand was third biggest exporter in 2007 with 5 percent of aggregate exports of North Korea.

China has normally been a prominent import partner of North Korea. In 2006 it exported 27 percent of goods and services imported by North Korea. South Korea, at that time, was responsible for 16 percent of all goods and services imported by North Korea. Thailand accounted for 9 percent and Russia accounted for 7 percent of North Korea’s imports in 2006.

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