Economic Structure Of Namibia

June 29, 2010Namibiaby EconomyWatch


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Among various sectors, services have the highest contribution to the GDP. As of the year 2004, services accounted for 63.6 percent in the total GDP.


Around 70% of the total population in the country depends upon agricultural sectors. Major crops in the country are millet and sorghum. Farming of sheep and goats are also important types of business in the country.

The following diagrams show the percentage share of the various sectors in the total GDP over the years.

Value Added (% of GDP) 2000 2003 2004 Agriculture, value added (% of GDP) 11.0 11.5 9.9 Industry, value added (% of GDP) 28.4 28.5 31.7 Services, etc., value added (% of GDP) 60.7 60.1 58.4  

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