Delhi Economy

April 15, 2010Major City Economiesby KeithTimimi


New airlines and economy of Delhi

A number of new air transport services are trying to venture into Delhi market and this is good news for Delhi economy. If more companies of such nature can come into Delhi aviation market it would translate into added revenue for Delhi’s economy. It is expected that incidence of flights operated by these new operators would only be beneficial for Delhi economic structure.

Paramount Airways has introduced on 21st May a flight that would operate on a daily basis directly from Delhi to Chennai. Its prices are a bit on higher side as far as fares for economy class are concerned. It is expected that average fare of a ticket in this flight would be worth from INR 5,000 to INR 6,000.

Economic importance of Delhi

Delhi economy is an important part of overall Indian economy. It has among most considerable state domestic products in India as is highlighted by financial statistics for 2007 when this amount stood at $24.5 billion from a nominal point of view.

As far as purchasing power parity is concerned this amount was $69.8 billion. In north India Delhi has biggest commercial center, which is economically beneficial for this city as well as India.

DLF withdrawal of SEZ

In shocking news for Delhi economy DLF, among major builders and developers in India, has decided to withdraw four of special economic zones that were being built in different locations in India. One of these proposed projects is located in Delhi. This special economic zone is located in central Delhi region and was supposed to be built over a land of 40 acres. It was supposed to be an information technology oriented special economic zone.

Delhi and Kashmir electricity trade

Delhi occupies an important position as far as economy of Kashmir is concerned as a number of necessary goods and services from Delhi like electricity for example. For a long time Kashmir has been buying electricity from Delhi.

Implications of politics on Delhi economy

As per politico-economical experts it is necessary that a stable government comes to center for economic benefit of Delhi as well as other parts of India. According to their estimates previous alliances that have assumed power post elections have not been profitable from an economic point of view.

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