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France has rich cultural roots and attracts droves of tourists from all over the world. Therefore, tourism is a key component of France’s industry sectors and a significant contributor to the national economy.

French industry includes electronic and automobile products. However, in 2010, with the French economy still recovering from the affects of the 2008 financial crisis, industrial production growth rates remained negative at -9 percent. The Sarkozy administration is working on new policies and measures targeted at encouraging privatization of state controlled firms, with a view to reducing central control and beaurocracy and encouraging private enterprise.

France Industry Sectors

France’s industry is dominated by the manufacturing sector, which develops products ranging from consumables to items related to the automobile industry, electronics and intermediate goods.

French exports are world famous, including world leaders in areas as diverse as perfumes, high fashion, farm produce, wine, beer & spirits, cars, aircraft and nuclear technology.

France’s industries include:
•    Machinery and Chemicals
•    Metallurgy, Automobiles and Aircraft
•    Electronics
•    Textiles
•    Food processing
•    Tourism

Agriculture made up 2.1 percent of GDP, while industries contributed 19 percent, 78.9 percent came from the service sector.

The French energy sector is one of the most efficient systems in the world and produces over 535.7 million kWh of electricity. According to the 2007 data, the consumption was as low as 447.2 million kWh and thus the country could export 58.69 million kWh of energy. It has possibly the most advance nuclear energy industry in the world.

France does also have some oil.

France produces 700,800 bbl/day (2010 estimates) and consumes 1.986 million bbl/day. France exports 554,100 bbl/day and ranks 28th in the world when it comes to oil exports.

Oil imports are rather higher, due to the high demand of the industrial sector and thus the country imports around 2.346 million bbl/day, making it the 9th largest importer in the world.

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