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June 29, 2010Czech Republicby EconomyWatch


The country has experienced both the trade deficit as well as the balance of payment deficit over the years. The major exportable commodities of the country are machines, transport equipments, manufactured goods, raw materials and fuel.

The exports partners of the country are Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, France, UK and Italy.

The major importable items of the country are machinery and transport equipments, manufactures, chemicals and fuels. The imports partners of the country are Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Poland, France and Russia.

The balance of payment of the country as of the year 2004 is calculated at US $ -398 Millions.

The following diagram gives a clear picture upon the levels of exports and imports in the country.

International Trade In Czech Republic


The country joined the World Bank in the year 1993. Since that year the country has implemented so many policies for the development of the country. The country has accepted the membership of the international organizations like EU, WTO and OECD.

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