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June 29, 2010Travel and Tourism Industryby EconomyWatch


World Tourism Industry is an industry which is flourishing all over the world. The scenario of the World tourism industry is always in a state of flux, ever changing. It is reckoned that end of 2007 will see the World tourism industry generating as many as 234 million job opportunities for the people. It is also assumed that the contribution towards the GDP by the World tourism industry will be approximately 10.3%. People can afford overseas travel. However, in order to meet the requirements, constant changes in the travel and tourism policies need to be reframed and restructured.

World tourism industry and the environment:

The impact of the World tourism industry on our environment cannot be overlooked. While global tourism industry is expanding manifold, every effort is being made to protect the heritage of historically significant places. With every passing year, world tourism industry is experiencing new changes to adapt to the needs of time. Increase in the world tourism activities mean more consumption of energy and the natural resources. Alternative sources of energy are being worked out. Global warming, rise in sea levels pose to be a great threat to all the nations worldwide. Concepts of Eco tourism is fast catching up with the common people.

World tourism industry and economy:

In order to find out the contribution of the travel and tourism industry to a particular country, the Travel And Tourism Account or the TTSA is an important tools to determine the economics in detail. The TTSA throws light on matters related to travel, tourism job opportunities, comparing related tourism industries including hotels, transport etc.,.TTSA furnishes information about global travel, tourism pertaining to growth, demand, export, GDP, employment opportunities, capital investment etc.,.

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