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June 29, 2010Travel and Tourism Industryby EconomyWatch


The activities of Tourism Industry in Malaysia are directed towards improving the Malaysian tourism services. Owing to the good standards the Tourism industry in Malaysia maintains, it also appeals to many investors to invest in the Malaysian tourism industry. This inflicts a positive influence on the economy of Malaysia. Tourism industry in Malaysia provide ample scope for employment. There are several people who are recruited either in tourism industry directly or related industries.

Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board also known as Tourism Malaysia came into being under the jurisdiction of Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board Act in the year 1992.

Improving Tourism industry in Malaysia:

Effective promotion of Malaysia as an ideal travelers destination determines the success of the tourism industry in Malaysia. The main target of the tourism industry in Malaysia is to attract as many tourists as possible. Efforts are also made to extend the tourist's period of stay so that Malaysia can earn profits in the process. Domestic tourists are also encouraged for the same. Malaysian tourism industries render employment to many individuals. By creating job opportunities tourism industry in Malaysia is also assisting in the contribution towards the gross domestic product or the GDP.

Future of Malaysian tourism industry:

Tourism industry in Malaysia ranks 35th in the international tourism market. Travel and tourism associated activities are expected escalate to yield profits of 33.6 billion in the year 2007. Tourism industry in Malaysia is assumed to rise by 4.5% in the year 2007. This figure is likely to go up by 6.6% every year. Opportunities in employment is ascertained to attain a figure of 1217000 thereby contributing 11.6% of total employment.

Programs and projects undertaken to take Malaysian tourism to great heights:
Many projects and programs are undertaken by the Malaysian Government to promote the Tourism industry in Malaysia. The different plans and projects are summed up as below:

  • Conducting fairs on tourism
  • Arranging for seminars and workshops for making the people aware of the various services offered by the tourism industry.

Malaysia has many tourist spots one can pay a visit to and experience the many small wonders which Malaysia has to offer.

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